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Fashionable outfits for the New Year

Astrologers recommend that all signs of the zodiac meet the year of the fiery cock in Bright outfits, Which cause associations with the fiery element. Prefer colors such as red, yellow, orange, golden, scarlet and burgundy.

Except bright flaming colors, the cock can be pleased with green, turquoise or blue hues. Material should be selected only natural, you should pay attention to satin, velvet, silk and linen.

That the image was completed, astrologers advise to supplement it with elegant accessories: handbags in sequins and paettes, jewelry with natural stones and high-quality jewelry.

Fashionable clothes for the new year

  1. Aries
    Rams are best placed on the yellow and blackVariants of festive clothing. Women of this sign should abandon deep cuts and décolleté. Be a little more modest this evening, and the cock will reward you with a hundredfold!
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  2. Taurus
    New Year's Eve should not be afraid of calvesExperiments: boldly choose a bright outfit for your taste. Carefully approach the choice of accessories, astrologers advise the bulls to pay attention to the large earring-rings.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  3. Twins
    This sign of the zodiac is to choose an outfitGreen or blue. You need to think over your holiday image to the smallest detail. To attract good luck, you should decorate your hair with a satin ribbon of red color or a bright pin bar.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  4. cancer
    In 2017, the cock gives the crayfish a fullFreedom in choosing a festive attire. Pick up those clothes that you like, and do not forget to complete your image with elegant accessories. Pay attention to stylish clutches, decorated with sparkles, stones of different sizes and rhinestones.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  5. a lion
    Lions this year too, you can relax andChoose the festive outfit that they like. The only condition is restraint in jewelry and accessories. Of course, it is better to give preference to the decoration of fire colors.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  6. Virgo
    Virgins should choose bright outfits, but adhere to soft make-up in calm tones. Choose laconic decorations that will accentuate your natural beauty.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  7. Libra
    Constantly doubting scales, astrologersOffer to meet the new year in monochrome clothes. Pay attention to dresses of blue, green or orange. Be sure to complete your image with jewelry with natural stones.
    What to wear for the new year 2017 on the signs of the zodiac
  8. Scorpio
    Scorpios this year just needTo stand out. Picking up a bright outfit, do not forget about accessories. It can be an elegant bezel, a beautiful hairpin with feathers or a massive ring on your arm. In no case do not be shy, let yourself shine on New Year's Eve!
    Horoscope for 2017 year
  9. Sagittarius
    It is recommended that the archers celebrate the new year in a relaxed atmosphere. So women can safely dress up in short skirts and demonstrate an attractive neckline.
    Horoscope for 2017 year
  10. Capricorn
    Astrologers advise capricorns to choose attireYellow or golden color. It is worth emphasizing well-groomed hands and beautiful manicure. Accessories are better to choose restrained, avoiding excessive pretentiousness, which the cock will not like.
    Horoscope for 2017 year
  11. Aquarius
    Aquarius, going to the store for a festiveDress, can try on elegant skirts in the floor, trouser suits and dresses with a deep neckline. Should be guided by contrasting combinations of colors. If you have already picked up a modest outfit, take care of the bright accessories.
    Horoscope for 2017 year
  12. fish
    For this zodiac sign any style is suitable, butThe outfit must be necessarily new. Pay attention to clothes of blue, purple and red. When choosing a dress, be guided solely by emotions.
    Horoscope for 2017 year

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