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Creative ideas for home

House in human life Is a special place in which he mustFeel like in paradise: relax, gain strength, love, hide from external problems. Everything in him should please the eye, thereby creating a good mood. But there are little things that can Spoil the whole interior. It's rosettes, bowls of pets and other items.

Ideas for home by own hands

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you about the little tricks with which you can easily Hide the ugly objects in your home.

Creative ideas for home

  1. If a pet lives in your house, then take a separate box for his bowls. Very interesting idea!
    Ideas for a home without cost
  2. Also in the nightstand you can hide the toilet of your pet. And your eyes do not anger, and the animal feels calmly.
    Ideas for home free of charge
  3. if you are Plan repairs Or the construction of a new house, then be sure to take into account the idea of ​​sliding cupboards in the steps of the stairs. Very functional!
  4. Use artificial stone to hide garbage cans or irrigation systems.
  5. So as not to block the walls with large shelves, put books on invisible stands. Very convenient and always attracts the attention of the guests.
    Shelves in the interior of the idea for home
  6. Do in one of the drawers a small charging station for your gadgets.
  7. Use self-adhesive tape to decorate household appliances.
  8. Decorate the old refrigerator wallpaper, which, if desired, is easy to remove.
  9. If you think that the router does not fit into the interior, hide it in a beautiful box or cover of the book.
  10. Make a small locker out of the picture. In it you can store jewelry and other small things.
  11. A wonderful idea to hide the wires.
  12. Wires at the computer table can be hidden by a curtain.
  13. Decorate the dangling wires with different decorative clamps.
  14. Very little creativity, and you hide the container with paper towels.
  15. Hide the alarm panel with the opening picture.
  16. You can create more coziness if the TV is placed in a frame.
  17. The original solution is to hide the TV and add diversity to the interior of your home.

With the help of such simple ideas, you can give your home more coziness and remove from the field of view annoying objects. You will not spend a lot of money and time, but you'll surely raise your spirits.

Tell us in the comments how you hide things in the house that spoil the interior, but you can not do without them. And do not forget to share ideas with your friends in social networks!