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Mistakes in clothes

The desire of every woman Look stylish and fashionable Quite understandable. But, unfortunately, some ladies, wishing to meet modern trends, look simply ridiculous. Take a look at the "so simple!": This occurs very often, is not it?

Errors in clothes

  1. sport suit
    The title speaks for itself. Such clothes are intended for sports, but not for walking around the city.
    sport suit
  2. Unsuitable underwear
    Snuggling straps, a skewed belt and peeking thongs will mutilate anyone ...
    Wrong underwear
  3. Makeup and manicure
    Bright evening make-up and painted design of the nails are more appropriate at the festivities. The lady, who got out of this kind on the market (often this can be seen) looks ridiculous.
    Errors in clothes
  4. Old heels
    Knocked down heels can spoil the appearance of even the most beautiful and expensive shoes. In time, take your shoes to repair.
    Heeled shoes
  5. Logos
    If you are not a model that advertises a certain brand, colorful clothes, do not get carried away.
    Errors in clothes
  6. Lots of prints
    Do you want to commit a crime against style? Combine in one image several items with an animalistic print. Dress under a zebra and leopard pantyhose ... smells a safari!
    Errors in clothes
  7. Multicolor
    The rule of combining no more than three colors in one ensemble still works. Bright colors - it's fine, but in a moderate amount.
    Errors in clothes
  8. Labels on the soles
    This small slip will bring to nothing all the efforts to look perfect.
    Errors in clothes
  9. Wrong size
    Whom are we deceiving? We face the truth and buy jeans for size, and in the case of the girl in the photo - on all two sizes more ...
    Errors in clothes
  10. tights
    A popular mistake of many women is to wear transparent thin pantyhose in the cold season. Dense matte and look more appropriate, and they are elementary warmer!
    Errors in clothes
  11. Ornaments
    There are lovers to put on all the best and immediately! What can I say ... do not do this.
    Errors in clothes
  12. fur
    If your hair reaches the shoulders, then the furClothes should not merge with them - this is an axiom. Concerns both blondes, and brunettes. Firstly, it creates the effect that you are wearing your own hair, and secondly, the color of the curls may look less successful than the coat fur.
    Errors in clothes
  13. jeans
    If you like to wear jeans with a denim shirt, take into account that these garments should be different in color. Otherwise you risk looking like an American worker of the last century.
    Errors in clothes

Everyone decides how to dress and what rules to follow. The main thing is to look at yourself from time to time. And what do you consider unacceptable in your clothes? Share in the comments!