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How to effectively lose weight at home

In pursuit of harmony, many owners of superfluousKilograms grab for any straw, just to get rid of them. Recent studies have confirmed the fact that the best means that help to get rid of Excess weight, Are spices.

In the Eastern Cuisine,Spice, like a zir, or a cumin. Often it is added to meat to give it a note of piquancy. By appearance this spice is extremely similar to cumin, but here the aromas of caraway and zira are quite different.

Slimming Cumin

Cumin has a mass of useful properties: Has a beneficial effect on the process of digestion, it normalizes the amount of bile secretion, lowers cholesterol, and also speeds up the metabolism. Thanks to all of the above, this spice contributes Effective weight loss.

Slimming Cumin

How to effectively lose weight at home


  • 500 g of boiling water
  • 3 tsp. Ziri
  • 2 tsp. Green tea


  1. Pour a mixture of green tea and ziri with boiling water. Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
    Slimming Cumin
  2. Strain and pour the ready-for-drink into the thermos. Use a remedy for 100 grams between breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Slimming Cumin

Every day brew a new portion of the drink. The course of use of the means - at least 1 month. Also, cumin should be added as a spice to a variety of dishes.

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