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Hazardous Foods

A healthy diet will preserve the beauty of the skin and slow the aging process. It is only necessary to limit the consumption of a certain meal, and noticeable changes in appearance will immediately appear. Dangerous food Steal your youth, beauty, health! Remember them and use less. But better - and completely excluded!

Dangerous products

You need to eat less!

  1. salt
    Salt is a deceiver of taste buds, it forces us to eat more food than is required. Salt causes dehydration of the skin and its premature aging.
    what to do? Refuse to consume too salty foods. Replace the salt with spices! Dried herbs, celery, garlic, coriander, oregano, cumin, soy sauce, lemon juice ... you can experiment with taste of dishes and at the same time eat only useful products!
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  2. sugar
    Sugar destroys the bones, spoils the skin and hair. Getting into the body, he literally pulls calcium out of bones, deprives your body of useful trace elements!
    what to do? Replace sugar with natural honey and dried fruits, stop eating frankly chemical sweets. For the sake of beauty, it's worth it to limit yourself!
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  3. alcohol
    Dehydrates the skin and the entire body, leading it to a terrible state. Deprives you of priceless vitamin c!
    what to do? Control the consumption of any alcoholic beverages. Remember that the systematic use of alcohol - a pledge of problems with the face and body in the future.
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  4. Yeast bread
    Provokes various fungal infections, disrupts digestive processes, is the cause of excess weight.
    what to do? Replace the store bread home. It is desirable to cook unleavened bread.
    The most harmful products
  5. coffee
    Dehydrates the body, disrupting the work of the kidneys. Ugly bags under the eyes, puffiness in the morning - something that can become a real punishment for the coffee man.
    what to do? Replace coffee with chicory. If you drink coffee for an invigorating effect - there is a dried magnolia vine that increases pressure. This is the most useful natural stimulant!
    Dangerous products
  6. tea
    Dehydrates no worse than coffee! Harmful strong black tea, causing disruptions in the digestive system.
    what to do? Drink herbal teas, brew infusion of dried fruits. Drink water with lemon juice and honey.
    Dangerous products
  7. Trans fats
    Vegetable fats are everywhere: In oil, in margarine, mayonnaise, biscuits, cakes. Trans fats are not absorbed by the body, it just does not know what to do with them. Often these substances cause metabolic disorders and contribute to a set of excess weight.
    what to do? Avoid, buy only home made butter.
    The most dangerous products
  8. Red meat
    Any shop meat should be eaten in moderateQuantities, because it is a heavy product. The liver experiences a huge load, digesting meat, bought in a supermarket. Because it contains so many impurities and hormones!
    what to do? Eat meat moderately, buying only a proven product, better - in the market, and not in the store.
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  9. vinegar
    Harmful to the kidney product, it also causes violations in various internal organs. Marinade for shish kebab, made with vinegar, mushrooms with vinegar, pickles ... this is harmful food!
    what to do? Do not use vinegar in refueling and marinades. If used, then only apple cider vinegar.
    The most harmful products
  10. potatoes
    Starch in pure form, in the case of fried potatoes- starch, fat and salt. To understand why potatoes are harmful to beauty, you need to remember how much you want to drink water after eating this product.
    what to do? There is less potatoes in any form. If you really want, better to cook the potatoes for a couple.
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  11. fast food
    A real poison! So much salt, sugar and harmful additives are not present anywhere else. Eating fast food causes not only the withering of the skin, but also disrupts the hormonal balance. Eat a delicious hamburger - you lose the taste for life ...
    what to do? Prepare analogues yourself, using useful products: pita bread, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, soy sauce.
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  12. carbonated drinks
    A lot of sugar, dyes, empty calories - all this negatively affects the work of the liver and other organs.
    what to do? Stop consuming, drinking compote, natural freshly squeezed juice, water with lemon and honey.
    Dangerous products
  13. Smoked products
    Artificial flavors contained in smoked meat, kill the liver, negatively affect the skin condition.
    what to do? Never eat them.
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Dangerous food products Really harm us, and we need to do something about it! But how do you eat? Tell us in the comments. I sincerely wish you health and beauty!