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Blouse with your own hands

Pavlovo-Posad shawl - a real springboard for creativity! Many world designers, inspired by this element of clothing, created entire collections in the Russian style. They have an unforgettable color, brightness and originality. Today our editorial board will share with the readers the secret of creating an elegant Blouses from Pavlov Posad shawl.

Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief


You will need

  • Pavlovo-Posad shawl
  • Thread
  • sewing machine
  • Elastic band
  • Centimeter for sewing
  • Tailor chalk
  • Ruler
  • scissors


  1. Fold a handkerchief in half and measure 70 centimeters onFold. Make also an allowance of 1 cm and mark it on the fabric with the help of the tailor's chalk. Chalk 2 horizontal strips: one on the line of allowance and one more per centimeter below.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  2. On the line of the allowance, cut off part of the Pavlov Posad shawl.
    A handkerchief blouse
  3. To determine where the sleeve of the future blouse will be inserted, divide the width of the handkerchief in half. Make appropriate notes on the fabric and draw a horizontal line with the help of chalk.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  4. To form a line of armhole, back down from the extreme point of 25 cm. Then divide this section into 3 equal parts and put the appropriate marks, as shown in the photo.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  5. To form the neck, it is sufficient to retreat from the fold down 7 cm and 12 cm to the left. Connect these points with a smooth line, not forgetting to make an allowance of 0.5 cm.
    A handkerchief blouse
  6. Form the line of the neck on the back. For this, pull back from the opposite edge of the fabric 12 cm to the right and 3 cm down. Connect these points to a smooth line.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  7. Leave 2 cm down from the place indicated on the photo, and make a mark on the fabric. Then connect the top point of the neck on the back with this mark and the upper point of the neck of the shelf.
    A handkerchief blouse
  8. Retreat 2 cm to the right and left of the points indicated in the photo. Then connect them with a smooth line.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  9. In the center of the back there will be a seam. To mark it on the fabric, retreat 1.5 cm from the edge, which is opposite to the bend, and draw a horizontal line with the help of chalk.
    Blouse from Pavloposad kerchief
  10. Carefully cut out the neck of the shelf, the shoulder seam, the armhole and the neck of the back. Do not forget to make everywhere the allowance of 1 cm.
    A handkerchief blouse

See in this video how to properly cut out the sleeves and connect them to the base of the blouse.

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