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Winter Shoes - 2017

Snowy and frosty winter Pleases us with a lot of favorite holidays, givesA sense of wonder and happiness. But this season, alas, it's hard to look like a million, because on the ice and snowdrifts you will not pass like a queen. You either break your legs, or catch a cold.

Clever people have long since come up with a warm Fur shoes. It perfectly warms and gives a feeling of comfort. But it can greatly spoil your appearance, and in the eyes of men make you look like a bear.

Warm Winter Shoes

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you how to combine boots, moonshoes and other fur shoes so that It looked attractive.

Winter boots - 2017

  1. Moon boots
    Fashion breakthrough this season! Once an inventive Italian designer, jankarlo zanatta, decided to combine ski boots with American astronauts shoes. The result turned out to be unusual, fashionable and very convenient. In high lunokhods, tightly wrapping caviar, no snowdrifts and snowstorms are not terrible.

    Warm winter shoes for women

    Such shoes can be worn with dressed jeans or dense wool trousers. Elements of sports fashion here as it is impossible by the way. Try to include in the image Sweater, Which became popular this year. Also a turtleneck with a zipper. Lunokhods do not make friends with their coats, but with light and warm parks they perfectly coexist.

    To give the image of femininity, add to it a small bright bag and a large scarf.

    Warm Winter Womens Shoes

  2. Ugg boots
    They have been confidently holding on to the fashionable Olympus for several years. In men, they cause associations with the animal world, but women are still faithful to this Warm winter shoes. We advise you to abandon the boring classical models of red color, which acquire an absolutely dead form by the middle of winter, and take a closer look at more interesting options.

    pay attention to Black uggs, Complemented by lacing and elements, moreHabitual in shoes for hiking. The comfort is the same, but looks much more externally. Remember: ugg boots are not worn with dresses and skirts, only with jeans and tight stretch pants. No exceptions. Another failure of the winter combination is Fur coat and ugg boots. Just throw this combination out of your head.

    And yes, uggs in crystals, rivets, flowers and leopard spots are also better to throw out or give to the poor.

    Warm Winter Womens Shoes

  3. Puffer boots
    In warm, weightless, blown boots, you canA dog through the snowdrifts to jump, and arrange a snowball battle with friends, and ride with a child on a sled. Yes, this model is the least attractive, but with a classy blown down jacket, jeans or trousers with stripes and some unusual accessory it is quite possible to make simultaneously Comfortable and beautiful image.
    The warmest winter shoes for women
  4. Timbers
    About these massive shoes, which are worn by both women and men, many know. In fact, there is nothing surprising in this - more Comfortable shoes For winter it is hard to imagine. Unlike their soft brethren, the timberland brand shoes and its quality copies are more interesting in terms of compatibility with dresses or skirts. In addition, they are excellent Combined with sheepskin coats A variety of styles: whether it's a warm scythe or a bright red sheepskin to the knees. Option with timbers - a win-win.
    The warmest winter shoes for women

You can always find the golden mean. Any footwear and clothes can be advantageously combined. The main thing in this business is to be guided not by imagination, but by the mind.

Choose warm shoes and do not get cold in winter! Share tips with your friends!