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Tangerine peel

Mandarin peel So nice smells! You inhale this strong aroma and immediately become infected with a festive mood.

The unique fruit differs not only juicy, appetizing flesh, which is even sweeter than orange. Spanish name Mandarino Is formed from Se mondar ("Easy to clean"), this is said about the skin. It will be about it! I was surprised for a long time when I learned about the healing properties of raw materials, which are usually thrown away.

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Mandarin skin

Use for disease prevention

  1. At a dysbacteriosis and other problems with digestion
    Dry the tangerine peel. Grind in a coffee grinder. You get such a soft orange powder. Add it for 1 tsp. On a portion in any dish as a useful seasoning.

    This tool will help with flatulence and malfunctioning of the stomach and intestines. Try to make coffee with this powder - it's incredibly aromatic!

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  2. With bronchitis
    2 tbsp. L. Dry skin peel 1.5 tbsp. Boiling water. Hold the drink on low heat for 5 minutes, take off and let it brew for an hour.

    Take this mandarin medicine at 0.5 st. 3 times a day in a heated form for half an hour before meals. The disease will recede imperceptibly!

    Crafts from tangerines

  3. With a dry, exhausting cough
    2 tbsp. L. Dry shredded skin peel 1 tbsp. Vodka and insist a week in a dark place. Strain the healing tincture.

    Take 20 drops of tincture, dissolving them in water, 3 times a day before meals. Essential oils in the rind make miracles! The cough will stop, the phlegm will start to depart once.

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  4. For colds
    A handful of sliced ​​mandarin peelBoiling water, put in a vessel with a narrow hole and breathe steam for 10 minutes. Do not go out for about an hour after this procedure! Tangerine couples thanks Properties of phytoncides Quickly destroy the infection.
    Crafts from tangerine peel
  5. With fungal infection of feet
    Just rub the mandarin skin of the nails and the area between the toes 2 times a day, and the fungus will disappear!
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  6. With overwork and insomnia
    Cut freshly peeled mandarin peel, put inPack next to you and breathe in the smell for 15 minutes. This method is effective even with a headache! The smell of citrus and essential oils will help overcome fatigue, relieve nervous stress, relax and quickly fall asleep.
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  7. At increased pressure and arrhythmia
    1 tbsp. Fresh peel of mandarin pour 3 liters of boiling water. Bring it to a boil, then let the liquid steep for about an hour. Strain the infusion.

    Take a warm bath with mandarin infusion for an hour before bedtime every other day. 15 minutes will be enough for a healing effect.

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There are many ideas, What to make of mandarin peel. For inspiration in this article there are several bright! Bird feeder from the peel? here you are! Such a decor is sure to attract everyone who lives in a private house.

How to use tangerines

Alcohol tincture of mandarin peel, andWater infusion or a decoction was used in oriental medicine in ancient times with bronchitis, nausea, as an antitussive and digestive remedy. We have a chance to take advantage of recipes of health, proven time!

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The mandarin pulp will saturate the body with vitamins in the winter, and the orange peel will help overcome various ailments! Share these useful knowledge with your loved ones. I'm going to eat a mandarin ...