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How to style your hair at home

Hair has always been considered an adornment of a woman. But do not necessarily repaint them 10 times a month to diversify your hair. It is enough just to do different stacking. But how difficult it is sometimes to cope with them, especially in the mornings, when you hurry on your business!

Redaction "so simple!" Will show you some useful lifes that help You can make a styling Without much effort.

How to style your hair at home

  1. dry shampoo
    for Create a basal volume Use a dry shampoo. When the hair is not enough volume, do not necessarily wash your hair. Take advantage of Dry shampoo, Even if the hair is clean. Spray it on the roots and massage the scalp. In 2-3 minutes you will notice how the hair changed. Just make sure that the dry shampoo is not visible on the hair.

    This same lifhak can be used when notIt turns out to collect hair together and the hairdress falls apart. Dry shampoo will make them less slippery and staple together to achieve the desired effect. If you do not have such a tool, use your usual face powder.

  2. Lacquer
    Apply a varnish on invisible. This simple lifhak can significantly prolong the life of your styling. Just sprayed the varnish for a couple of minutes before you stab the invisible. It will become sticky, and this will allow better fix it in the hair. One more important moment - pin invisible Rib side inside.

    Instead of spraying the varnish over your head,Creating not the most aesthetic effect of dirty hair, apply the remedy on the toothbrush and smoothen all the hairs out. By the way, it is this method that uses models during filming, so that the smooth hairstyle looked perfect.

  3. Give up a round comb
    Of course, it allows you to create a moreStyling, but from her very tired hands, and the process itself becomes very long. The easiest option is to use your own fingers. Disassemble the strands during the drying of hair and lightly wind them on the fingers. So you will get Fashionable mess on the head, Which can be fixed with a spray.
  4. Curls without a curling rod
    The best way to create curls is to collect the hair in a bun. After washing your hair is not sushi hair completely. When they are a little wet, apply spray on them for styling and Twitch bundle Or several. Go to bed, and in the morning, dissolve the hair and apply a little more styling on them. You will get careless curls with minimal inconvenience and little time.
  5. Tapes
    Replace the rubber bands with ribbons and cords. Any hairstyle will look more stylish, if it does not see the gum. Use thin elastic bands for the usual tail or braids, and tie the ribbon from above. You can choose it under the color of clothing, accessories or jewelry.

    The most simple styling and hairstyles with such an accent will look as if they were done by a master in a well-known salon.

  6. thermal water
    During the day, moisture is needed not only by yourSkin, but also to the hair, especially if you work in the office and you do not have a humidifier. However, the problem is solved elementary: spray the thermal water over the entire length of the hair, and soon completely forget about the dryness of the head of hear.
  7. Beam without roller
    If you want to do Three-dimensional beam Without the use of a platen, simply tie for the base not one, but two tails. And wrap your hair around them.
  8. Curly hair
    To get small curls, not necessarilyTwist each strand. Just twist the braids and walk along them with a curling iron to smooth the hair. So you get the desired curl without much time.

That's so easy to achieve an ideal styling at home. In addition, your time and money will be minimal. And this is very important for modern dynamic women.

Experiment with hairstyles and surprise everyone in a new way every day. Share life with friends!