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Compress from cabbage

Greyish-green or crimson cabbage leaves -A magnificent natural medicine. You can laugh for a long time, say that this folk remedy does not work ... but the eulogies of many people confirm the amazing effect of cabbage!

Compress of cabbage Photo

Compress from cabbage

Do not underestimate this leafy vegetable. In the cabbage there are sugars, mineral salts (sulfur, calcium, potassium, phosphorus), fiber, lactase, lipase, anthocyanins, protease and other enzymes, phytoncides, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin c. Thanks to the supercomposition of cabbage can heal bruises, swelling, swelling!

Cabbage leaf compress Used to treat stagnant breast milk inBreastfeeding women, swelling of the mammary glands with pms. Extremely effective this tool is for varicose and inflammation of the joints, bruises and other injuries, which are accompanied by edema.

Cabbage compress

You will need

  • Cabbage (more efficient use of red)
  • bandage
  • foil
  • Rolling pin
  • oven

Application of

  1. Wash the heads of cabbage, remove the top leaves. Blot the leaves with a napkin, cut the upper hard parts from them.
  2. Wrap the leaves in foil and send them to the oven for 5 minutes to keep the leaves warm. The only thing: they do not have to be hot! There is a risk that cabbage will lose its medicinal properties during overheating.
  3. Prepare the prepared leaves to the leg with a bandage.
  4. Change the leaves to fresh every 2 hours to maximize the therapeutic effect.

Compress of cabbage Photo

How much to keep a compress From a cabbage leaf? If everything is done correctly, after a day you will notice how the swelling has disappeared, the bruise has decreased, the swelling does not deliver such strong painful sensations. After the evening, spent on heels, there is no better means than cabbage wrapping ...

With radiculitis and inflammation of the joints, cabbage compress is recommended to do also with honey. a Fresh cabbage juice - an excellent cosmetic product, moisturizing the skin!

The effect of using ordinary cabbage will surely please you! Tell us if you are using proven folk medicine in your daily life, we will be happy to know.