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How to clean a house

Before the holidays really want to bring a house inideal condition! I'm sure our tricks will help you clean up as quickly as possible. Less time for homework, more time for simple human joy! While everything will look neat to the last detail ... Secrets of cleaning specially for you!

How to clean a house

Golden tips

  1. Vinegar for washing
    Vinegar will perfectly clean the washing machine, preventing the appearance of mold inside and removing scum. Pour vinegar into the powder compartment and put the machine in the long-term wash mode.

    Do not hesitate to add vinegar when washing things,Especially colored ones! This will preserve their brightness, help to remove stains, get rid of the animal's stuck animal hair. Also a bite will create a miracle with towels: no smell of mold, freshness and an updated look, all thanks to one additive for regular washing!

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  2. Cleaning the bathroom
    Heat the vinegar to a warm state,Pre-mixing it with a dishwashing detergent in a 1: 1 ratio. With this mixture, gently wipe the faucet and shower, the bath from the inside, leave the remedy on the surface for 30 minutes. Shine and cleanliness are guaranteed! Also this simple means will perfectly clear a shower cabin.
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  3. Cleaning of plastic windows
    How difficult it is sometimes to clear plastic windows,Especially in the indentations! Sprinkle the problem place with soda, then pour vinegar. Leave the mixture-foam to hold for 15 minutes on a dirty area. After that just rub it all with a paper towel or a rag, amazing cleanliness will directly cut your eyes!
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  4. Cleaning children's toys
    The most ingenious parents do so for a long time! Any plastic and soft toys can be washed in a typewriter, previously putting them in A bag for washing. Of course, it is better to use a hypoallergenic detergent for this purpose, so that the child does not have allergies.
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  5. Remove marker traces
    To remove marks from markers or markers on furniture and walls, use toothpaste. Helps also baking soda!
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  6. Removal of nail polish
    If the nail polish spread, this is a doubleTragedy: the loss of your favorite product and the spots that you need to get rid of. You can try to clean the surface with a nail polish remover if the varnish is not yet dry. With the dried up varnish all is more difficult: at first it was dissolved by its or his varnish for hair, and then wipe the polluted area warm water with soap.
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  7. Microwave cleaning
    Put the cut lemon in the microwave andA stick of cinnamon or a little cinnamon in powder. Heat the citrus for 10 minutes. Lemon will help disinfect the surface of the microwave inside, cinnamon will remove all the unpleasant smells of food!
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  8. Cleaning of kitchen cabinets
    Mix the vegetable oil with soda. Formed paste thoroughly clean the doors of kitchen cabinets, especially in the area of ​​pens! The result you just like.
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  9. Cleaning of furniture
    Clean the furniture from dust for a long time thisTricky trick! A drop on a paper towel a couple of droplets of vegetable oil. Wipe the surfaces first with an oiled paper towel, then dry. Dust will not appear on wooden shelves for a long time, and they will shine miraculously!
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when Need to clean in the house, Remember these smart tips. If they are useful to you, do not forget to show your friends how to achieve the ideal order without wasting time and money!