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Ridiculous outfits

Youth is not eternal, and the time comes when Appearance of women Changes, there are some defects in the figure. Alas, it's time not to turn back ... but many women try to look like young girls, which very often looks ridiculous.

Today edition "so simple!" Tell you what not to do, so as not to look ridiculous in the eyes of others.

Ridiculous outfits

  1. tight clothes On not very elastic forms it looks awful. The leader in this business are losiny, especially with the animal print. But you can always find a more relaxed outfit.
  2. When a woman is just over 30 years old, the breasts may lose their elasticity and sag. Do not need to show it to others, and if you really want, use modeling clothes.
  3. If your legs look like a map of rivers, do not stress them with open heels. Thus your veins will be in even greater tension and will be more prominent.
  4. A huge amount of makeup In the daytime will make you a ghost. And if this is all supplemented by an outstanding tattoo ... you yourself understand how it looks.

  5. Not very beautiful looks year-round tan. Especially when it is reached Bald tan. And abuse of the solarium often gives not very attractive pigmentation.
  6. Excessive interference with your appearance of beauticians and Plastic surgeons Always has the opposite effect.
  7. Very high heels, as well as thin straps on the shoes, when Stop status Wants the best, is a non-winning option.
  8. Huge Colored tattoos Can be a mistake of youth. But in this case you do not need to demonstrate them, or keep your body in tone.
  9. Do not cut your hair Under the boy Under the pretext that it's easier to cope with hair. Youth will not add it, but even vice versa.
  10. Do not dress like a teenager. It looks, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Forget about all these Cartoon prints And rhinestones.
  11. Outspoken clothes Inappropriate size - this is a wild horror. And no matter how sad, this is very common in the streets of the city ...

A woman is beautiful at any age. The main thing is to look after yourself and Emphasize virtues, Giving attention to the shortcomings. Always need to approach the choice of attire wisely.

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