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Universal Spray

Every housewife in the house has a lot Detergents for cleaning, Washing dishes, cleaning carpets, sanitary ware and for other purposes. But for sure everyone dreams of one superfood that cope with all household concerns.

In fact there is such Universal remedy, Which copes with a lot of problems. This oily spray wd-40. Earlier it was only available in the industrial sphere, and now it is sold in almost every supermarket. About the methods of its application you will be glad to tell the editors "so simple!".

Universal cleaner

Universal spray

  1. Stain remover
    Easily removes stains from carpets. Spray a small amount of the product for contamination and after a minute wipe with a clean cloth. Suitable for any nap textures.
    Wd-40 application in everyday life
  2. Drives away insects and birds
    If you do not like that pigeons and other birds always sit in certain places in your territory or did at all live with you, then sprinkle their habitat "VEDESHKA". Birds do not like this smell, and they will not bother anymore.

    So that the wasps do not settle in the attic, sprinkle thereAll secluded places with this spray. So you protect yourself from a possible invasion. Also, if you removed the hornet's nest, be sure to apply this remedy to this place so that the insects do not return! Even spray easily copes with Cockroaches and spiders.

    Wd-40 application in everyday life

  3. Impregnation for shoes
    Apply on wd-40 shoes, let me take a couple of minutes to soak. Wipe off excess with a napkin. So your shoes will become waterproof, which is very useful in the winter, when roads are sprinkled with salt. But this method is not suitable for suede and textile shoes.
    Liquid wd-40 application
  4. Removal of traces of glue
    If you need to remove the label from the surface,A sticker or the remains of glue, put on the right place "vedeshku." Wipe with a sponge - and clean! This spray dissolves easily and removes even very strong adhesive compositions practically without a trace.
    Liquid wd-40 application
  5. antifreeze
    You can not affect the weather and cancel the winter cold. But you definitely can apply a layer of wd-40 on the outer surface of the glasses. Your windows will always be clean and will not freeze.
    Wd-40 use
  6. Cleaning plumbing
    On the shelves of household shops are wholeA number of different means for removing calcareous deposits and other deposits. Just sprinkle wd-40 on the walls of the toilet, shower or tile. Wipe the surface with a tissue napkin, and the plaque will not form for a long time.
    Wd-40 use
  7. Shear recovery
    Over time, on the scissors carving may appear rust or accumulate dirt, because of what they are badly cut. Apply a tool to the cutting surface, and the scissors will cut like new.
    Wd-40 use
  8. Wall cleaning
    An irreplaceable thing for those who have a home Small children. Because how they like to paint the walls! And in this case the spray wd-40 comes to the rescue: spray it on the damaged wall and wipe it with a dry cloth. But keep in mind that the product can leave greasy stains, so it is suitable only for glossy surfaces.
    Wd-40 how to use
  9. Take off the ring
    Our bodies have the ability to increase and decrease, and more often they make the first. If at one point you found that the usual ring is no longer Does not want to get off your finger, Then use this magic tool. A couple of drops for lubrication, and the ring will easily slip off without any noticeable effort and pain.
    Wd-40 how to use
  10. Chewing gum removal
    This situation does not happen very often, but in case of occurrence it turns into a real nightmare. Adherent Tear off the chewing gum complicated. Just put on hair wd-40. Of course, in this case it is necessary to protect eyes and respiratory system. After a while, the foreign object can be easily combed with a brush or comb.
    Wd-40 how to use

Such a wonderful tool. And the most pleasant thing is that the wd-40 spray costs very cheaply. But how much it is multifunctional and how well it solves many everyday problems!

Be sure to buy and tell your friends!