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How not to overeat

Now will begin the magic! You will know what is Fast and effective weight loss. If you comply with our rules, you can quickly build up to the new year, do not gain a single extra kilogram for the holidays and continue losing weight after them!

No one ever weighs how much in factCan eat, sitting for a long time at the table during New Year and Christmas festivities. As a rule, these figures terrify: a person on average eats from 900 g to 1 600 g of food for one feast! Scary to imagine ... and yet Volume of the human stomach - 2 folded cams, that is 500 ml.

But if you take into account that the feast is stretched in time and alcohol is usually poured by the river at such feasts, then one does not even want to think how much extra can be gained in just a couple of days.

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How not to overeat

Why do we overeat? This is often due Psychological dependence on food And the habits that were instilled in our childhood: If you do not, you'll be a bad girl. Also those who lack vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients are prone to overeating! So regularly eat fruits, especially pomegranates, lemons, kiwi and bananas.

Proven tips

  1. Kefir with cinnamon
    An hour before sitting down at the table, drink 1A glass of low-fat kefir, adding to it 1 tsp. Cinnamon. The smell of cinnamon drastically reduces appetite, the stomach fills, an unbearable feeling of hunger and excitement before eating disappears. If you do not like yogurt at all - replace it with yoghurt!
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  2. Green plate
    The plate was laid with large lettuce leaves. So it will always seem to you that the plate is full, and you will not want to impose yourself more delicious. The more lettuce leaves at the end of the feast can be chewed: no extra calories, only useful substances in its composition!

    This can be explained by the processes taking place inThe brain. Looking at an empty plate, she wants to fill up, like Tetris: a little food in every free space. With this trick I will definitely use during the holidays!

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  3. fresh breath
    Toothpaste and a brush or mint chewing gum will help you! When you feel that you are about to overeat, dieticians are advised to go brush their teeth or chew on chewing gum.

    Particles of food that get stuck in the teeth, tease taste buds and "invite" us to eat more.

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  4. Belt at the waist
    Put on Fashion belt, Going on holiday. As soon as he starts to press during the feast, it's a signal for the body - that's all, that's enough!

    If under your dress the belt does not quite fit, you can tie a thin thread under the clothes. By the way, this method provokes Rapid weight loss belly With daily use!

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  5. Magic devices
    Try to take a fork in an unusual hand for yourself, for example, if you usually eat right, in the left. Believe me, you will be extremely uncomfortable, in the end you will eat much less.

    Thanks to this method you will pay attention to what you are doing, and consciously control the amount of food that you consume at the table. Verified more than once!

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These tips are really worth their weight in gold for those,Who watches a figure or just aims to do it. They can be used every day! You will be amazed at the results, I'm sure. Another point: with this Control over the amount eaten You can eat almost anything! Even sweets in reasonable quantities ... this is a miracle!

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Another little trick as a gift. Do you remember a pinch of cinnamon that needs to be thrown into a glass of yogurt? It depresses the appetite due to its pleasant smell.

Dropping on a handkerchief A couple drops of cinnamon essential oil, You are guaranteed to save yourself from overeatingDuring a festive dinner! The aroma will do its job, it is only necessary to inhale this spicy, harsh smell, and the desire to rejoice relentlessly will recede ...

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