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Love horoscope for 2017

Soon a new year will come under the auspices of a fiery cock. This bird is distinguished by its cocky temper, impulsiveness, desire to dominate and impermanence. For this reason, in Personal life of many people In 2017 there will be radical changes.

About what the loving patron of the next 12 months has prepared for you, you are in a hurry to tell the editors "so simple!".

Horoscope of love for 2017

  1. Aries
    The fiery nature of the rams will be in perfect harmony with the master of the coming year. Your personal life will be very successful. The next year is the ideal time for Making serious relationships Or entering into a marriage union.

    But against the background of new romantic acquaintances, you will have to pay extra attention to your appearance and health.

  2. Taurus
    If you were born under this sign, then personal lifeIn 2017 will pass fairly smoothly and dispassionately. You will have interesting meetings, and promising dates, but they will all be just fleeting intrigues.

    Bodies can view the year of the fiery cock as a respite before conquering new heights on Love front. You should put off sharp movements in this area for the future.

  3. Twins
    Ambiguity in his personal life at first can upset the twins. The year of the fiery cock will begin for you with parting and losing. But in the end all the changes will only benefit you. Many twins Meet their loved ones It was in 2017. So be ready for change and open up to a new one.
  4. cancer
    At the beginning of the year, the water nature of crayfish entersCruel struggle with the fiery nature of a rooster. And next year you will have to hold in a defensive position, as many amorous unions will seek to disintegrate. So for crayfish important will Preservation of existing relationships.

    But do not be in a hurry to lose heart, because by autumn everything will settle down and your personal life will regain peace.

  5. a lion
    The year of the fiery cock will become for the lions a period of total domination on Love front. Each target will be your target. But in pursuit of romantic adventures, lions should not forget to keep their already occupied positions in their personal lives.
  6. Virgo
    For this representative Elements of the earth Fidelity and loyalty will be much more importantSeductive acquaintances and intriguing adventures. Strong and self-confident maidens next year will not seek new acquaintances. It will be important for you to preserve, deepen and develop the already established alliances.
  7. Libra
    Usually reserved and Balanced scales The next year everyone will be surprised. Accumulated emotions will break free. You will shine and turn heads to the representatives of the opposite sex. Many scales will destroy in the next 12 months their alliances and on their wreckage they will immediately create new ones - stronger and more durable.
  8. Scorpio
    Your complex and changeable character will interfere with love relationships like never before. High self-esteem and selfishness can scare off new acquaintances from representatives of this sign.

    So scorpions, if they want Change my personal life, You have to change yourself a little. That is, learn to forgive shortcomings and blunders, while displaying miracles of restraint and diplomacy.

  9. Sagittarius
    2017 will be held for archers with a high level of personal relations. In the love sphere the next period will be marked Casual short-term novels And painful partings.

    Your bright creative nature can best portray the hot and temperamental nature of the firecracker. Especially filled with personal life in the representatives of art.

  10. Capricorn
    Intelligent and intelligent Capricorn will not be easy. That in the personal life the year of the fiery rooster has developed successfully, you will have to focus on His appearance. Effective look will not get lost in the crowd, will emphasize your dignity and hide faults.

    The spent efforts will not pass in vain, and the Capricorn will fill the year with interesting acquaintances and romantic victories.

  11. Aquarius
    For Aquarius the following The year will pass under the sign of families. One of them will improve the already existing family, and someone will energetically create a new family. Lonely will be engaged in diligent search for a serious relationship. Active and sociable Aquarius with ease will tie new acquaintances.
  12. fish
    Cold fish will get a wonderful opportunity next year to fill their established world with fresh and bright colors. In your personal life will happen Dramatic changes. And they will be connected with an unexpected meeting that will happen in the summer and completely turn your world over.

    In the year of the fire cock, many fish will find their own, absolutely not like them, but ideally suitable half.

According to Chinese astrology, The year of the fiery cock will be filled with meetings, trips and sparkling events. And the destiny of each of us will be greatly influenced by acquaintance with new people. So be ready for new adventures!

We are waiting for you to find your love in 2017 or to strengthen existing relationships! Share the information with your friends!