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The harm of a vape

Is called a Use of electronic cigarettes, Which are inhalers,Consisting of a mouthpiece, an atomizer, a liquid evaporator and a battery or a battery pack. Manufacturers argue that electronic cigarettes are safe and can be used as a means of nicotine replacement therapy.

However, experts point out that the possible risks of waking are still to be investigated. So the editors "so simple!" Decided to understand what harm can bring Electronic Cigarette.

Damage to the vape

"Vapers do not smoke, but soar" - such a main slogan is The younger generation Smokers. Young people assure their relatives that this occupation does not threaten their health, besides it is very fashionable.

so called Wap-bars Grow like mushrooms after a rain, in them almost every day there are competitions on klaudchesing and koilbilding. The first is a contest for the biggest and most beautiful Cloud of steam, The second - boasting to each other beautiful and complex windings of mods (adaptations).

When they say about the dangers of cigarettes, they mean mainly nicotine. Although any chemist will tell you that from Impurities in cigarettes Harm more than from their main ingredient. But at least the state controls the production of cigarettes. And what addictive substances are contained in electronic cigarettes, the consumer can only guess.

Specialists from the national laboratory named after Lawrence in Berkeley determined what toxic substances are formed when Smoking of electronic cigarettes. Scientists also found out how the temperature, type and duration of operation of the inhaler affect the level of harmful emissions.

Researchers found that the pair contained 31 harmful chemical compound, Including propylene oxide and glycidol, which are likely carcinogens.

Chemists have demonstrated that thermalThe decomposition of propylene glycol and glycerin contained in the liquid for refilling the cigarette results in the release of acrolein and formaldehyde that possess Toxic properties.

Acrolein is annoying Eye mucosa And respiratory tract, causes lachrymation, and also has mutagenic properties. Formaldehyde, in addition to the properties listed above, has an effect on the central nervous system.

All this provokes Bronchiolitis obliterans. Disease leads to scarring of tinyAir sacs in the lungs, it is debilitating and irreversible. Begins with shortness of breath, eventually leads to a chronic cough, from which you can not get rid of, and subsequently make you helpless.

In European countries have long abandoned smoking electronic cigarettes. Producers of liqueurs and owners of wipe bars present this type of smoking as Anti-smoking program. But you understand perfectly well that this is just a marketing move.

So explain to your child that fashion is changeable, and health is hard to come back. Share information with your friends in social networks!