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Tulle in the interior

Many years ago in the south of France in a small provincial town tulle master sewing business created Unique fabric, Which was named after the city. The modern living room or bedroom is simply unthinkable without an elegant curtain, as the material for which air tulle serves.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you, How to decorate a room With the help of tulle. Applying it as a window decor, you can visually enlarge the room. With it you can Divide space On the functional areas, while doing a good job on gypsum boards and other partitions.

Tulle in the interior

The first step is to determine which Tulle You need. There are a huge number of species of this tissue, but distinguish the main types: organza, veil, mesh and muslin. Natural tulle will serve you faithfully for many years, but the canvas will crumple and lose color from exposure to bright sunlight.

Therefore it is better to purchase tulle made from Polyester fabric. Polyester fiber allows the curtains to be more resistant to burn-out, and also prevents the material from losing its original form after washing.

A very important characteristic of this tulle is its ability to pass air. eg, The grid does not interfere Free passage through it of airFlows, but is a storage of dust particles. Therefore, needs frequent washing. Organza, on the contrary, poorly passes air, but at the same time it practically does not collect dust on its surface.

How beautiful to hang tulle

  1. Do not think that on Small window You need to hang a narrow short curtain of tulle. On the contrary, if you decorate the window from two sides with large enough curtains, it will play in a new way.
  2. If the walls are in a sad state, it is not necessary to do repairs. Use tulle of different colors and textures - it turns out very original.
  3. You can also paste tulle strips on the walls. Looks very beautiful.
  4. If there are several windows on one wall, do not hang on each separate curtain. It is very forgiving and cheaper interior. Better hang Wide tulle On the whole wall.

  5. If, on the contrary, you are the lucky owner of a window all over the wall, then decorate it with individual stripes of tulle. It is more practical and gives a certain zest to the mind.

  6. With tulle, you can add color accents to a boring interior or simply improve the color balance.

  7. Even if the window is protected from the eyes of others with blinds, you can supplement it with tulle. It will immediately become more attractive.
  8. Short curtains From the tulle fit in the case when you do not want to draw attention to the windows.
  9. Using several layers of tulle, you can easily do without bulky curtains.

  10. To divide the room into zones with the help of tulle is a pleasure. Looks great!

  11. Lace curtains conceal a riddle in itself.
  12. Canopy of tulle looks delicious! Agree, to sleep on such a bed is much more pleasant!
  13. Tulle can decorate and bath. How beautiful it looks!

  14. And several more Ideas for inspiration.

Now you know that with the help of tulle curtainsYou can change your interior beyond recognition. In addition, it is much cheaper than buying wallpapers, paintings, figurines and stuff. Dwelling always looks fresh and expensive.

Use this delicious material at home and share ideas with friends!