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Home Hair Color

Say that if you want to change your life, you need Change hair color. But frequent staining spoils the quality of the hair, since there are a lot of chemicals in the paints.

Natural hair dye at home

This does not mean that you need to give up staining, you just need to change the approach to it. Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 7 options Natural hair colors.

Home hair dye

  1. coffee
    Almost everyone has coffee in the house. It is great for Blackout, Gives them a pleasant chocolate shade. You just need to brew a strong espresso. Let it cool down. Mix a glass of coffee, 2 cups of conditioner for hair, 2 tbsp. L. Brewing of black tea - the paint is ready.

    Apply on hair for one hour, then wash and rinse hair with water with apple cider vinegar. So the color will be fixed and will last longer. And most importantly - no harm to the hair.

    Natural hair dye at home

  2. tea
    Also gives the hair a darker shade, but not so bright as coffee. It is best to use such a dye to add saturation Dull hair. Brew 3-5 tea bags in two glasses of water. Apply liquid to the hair, hold it for one hour, then wash it off. The mixture can be added directly to the shampoo to obtain an easy toning effect.
    Natural hair dye for your own hands
  3. Herbs
    Depending on what you want to achieveColor, you can use different herbs. To get a dark hair color, use rosemary, nettle or sage. For a red or copper shade calendula, dog rose and hibiscus will suit. For light - a camomile and petals of a sunflower.

    Do It Decoction from a suitable plant. Pour the liquid into a container with a spray and apply to the hair. After complete drying, wash your head in the usual way.

    Natural hair dye for your own hands

  4. Beet juice and carrots
    If you like natural Shades of red flowers, Then this advice is for you. Only be careful, these vegetables are very well colored. So, let's start: mix half a glass of carrot juice and the same amount of beetroot, add a little coconut oil. Put the mixture on your hair, roll your head with a towel and hold the paint for one hour.

    Then carefully wash your hair and rinse with cool water with apple cider vinegar. If you want to get a more saturated color, repeat the staining.

    Natural hair dye

  5. henna
    Excellent means not only for temporaryTattoos, but also for dyeing hair. It gives the hair a reddish-red tinge. Mix a cup of henna powder with two cups of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. L. Apple cider vinegar. Apply the product on your hair and comb it. Wrap with foil and leave the paint for 2 hours. Then wash it off. To soften the color, you can Add broth chamomile In the mixture.
    Natural hair dye
  6. lemon juice
    he Lightens hair And gives them shine. Add it to the spray bottle and apply it to the hair. Well comb and let dry. Lemon juice acts slowly, so the procedure must be repeated on a regular basis.
    Natural hair dye
  7. Walnut shell
    It is ideal for obtaining dark brownHair color. Grind the shell and cook for 30 minutes. Cool and strain. Then rub the broth into the hair. Leave the paint for one hour or longer. The saturation of color depends on time. Wash the broth from the hair with warm water.
    Natural hair dye

That's how you can dye your hair without causing itharm. Because all components are absolutely natural. Of course, from such a paint is not so long a effect as from the store. But you can cook it at any time and repeat the procedure.

Experiment with the color of your hair and share your life with your friends!