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Best perfumes for women

Perfume can tell more about a woman than the line of life on her hand. Therefore it is necessary to approach his choice especially meticulously and not to suffice the first liked aroma. There is no concept of "Fashionable perfume", But every year new products come out that conquer the sense of smell of many women and men.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you about the most amazing Fragrances for winter. They warm and give a sense of comfort, andOthers want to come closer to you to feel the pleasant sound of the train. In the selection there are perfumes of different price category. Sure, every woman will find something for herself.

Best perfumes for women

  1. Ysl black opium nuit blanche
    Aroma created to fully experience the night, to be saturated with every minute of it and to live it without restrictions until dawn. Black opium nuit blanche begins with a charge of vivacity. at Heart of aroma Fresh absolute of orange blossom. The autograph of the fragrance is a coffee chord, but in an unusual interpretation.

    Covered with a warm and light veil of white musk,He gives a dose of energy, leaves behind a plume of carnal desires. Black opium nuit blanche is a multi-faceted sweet aroma that turns the head around.

  2. Montale aoud melody
    French Niche brand Montale is unique in that its scents resembleAttar - traditional eastern perfume, in which alcohol is not used, but only a mixture of various aromatic oils. Among niche perfumes, it is a fairly budget option.

    Everyone knows the aromas of vanila extasy and roses musk. But this winter there was a novelty aoud melody, which we could not ignore. Rich Pyramid of perfume Consists of wood ud, leather, carnations, saffron,Philippine Elemi resin, rose, Egyptian jasmine, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Mysurian sandalwood, Virginia cedar, amber and white musk.

  3. Nina ricci les belles de nina luna
    Quite budgetary perfume, but very chicIs revealed on the female skin. First you will hear the muted notes of a flower of an orange and wild berries. In the heart of the aroma is a noble and proud white immortelle, impregnated with caramel. There are still subtle notes of honey. This fragrance is fraught with a new adventure, an unusual addiction.

    In a veil of fragrance voluptuous vanilla intertwines with sandalwood, creating a bright and audacious sensuality. Refers to the eastern group of fragrances.

  4. Giorgio armani code femme
    Bright fresh notes of red orange and ginger,Gentle and feminine notes of jasmine and orange blossoms, the sensuality of woody chords and the sweetness of vanilla ... all this is a new aroma of armani code, a fragrance of mystery and temptation. This is the perfume that excites. Its sound is very like men. It refers to the flower Oriental aromas.
  5. Paco rabane lady million prive
    A luxurious fragrance that differs significantly from the classical version of lady million. at Base of aroma Soft and enchanting notes of cocoa beans are released onForeground, revealing the tones of honey and patchouli. There is an attraction that can not be resisted, it envelops the wave like a soft, enveloping and sensual hot wind. It is an invitation to passion and the scent of escape.

    Be sure to buy this fragrance. Sure, you will fall in love with him for many years.

  6. Guerlain la petite robe noire intense
    It's rich Winter scent. He is very contrasting and multifaceted, to himI want to listen, to unravel all the mysterious notes. From Paris to New York, la petite robe noire walks its new "dress" under the wind. The charm of intense perfumery water acts magically on men and makes you turn around after a woman in a veil of such a fragrance.

    Get acquainted with the original melody, where the note of cotton candy is merged with the proprietary chord of the creations of guerlain - the herlina - in a charming alliance Gourmet notes of vanilla And the essential oil of the Bulgarian rose. Peel of bergamot in conjunction with a note of blueberry reveals all the energy of the aroma ... they are accompanied by soft white musk and a wood chord sandal and patchouli in an amazing train.

  7. Tom ford black orchid
    Well and where we without tom ford ... sensual and mysterious aroma, in the heart of which sounds a unique note - a black orchid. The basis of the composition is black orchid - velvety Woody notesWarmed by oriental spices and incense. Aroma creates an atmosphere of mystery and passion. He will like elegant women, whose natural charm makes men's hearts beat more often. Uniquely, this fragrance for the cold season.
  8. Christina aguilera unforgettable
    Very budgetary, but complementary perfume water. The fragrance of christina aguilera unforgettable opens with irresistible notes of plum and pomegranate. Heart of aroma Exudes notes of a noble bouquet of flowers, one of which is a unique jasmine blooming only at night, also called the "queen of the night".

    An unforgettable flavor cable is remembered exclusive A note of cashmere - a connection known for its qualityLeave an unforgettable aromatic impression. The composition is completed with sensual notes of vanilla, deepened with a rich aroma of beans thin - essences, giving the appearance of a woman an irresistible sensuality and attractiveness.

  9. Chanel No. 5 l'eau
    N ° 5 l'eau - this is a new look at No. 5. Bright Floral fragrance With a modern and fresh leitmotif. Less abstract in comparison with previous versions, the composition No. 5 l'eau emits a citrus fragrance, reminiscent of the honey heated by the sun. Top notes: lemon, mandarin and orange.

    In the rich heart of the fragrance you can hear the rustle of flowers. The rose is mixed with air jasmine and modern, as never before, Fractionated ylang-ylang. Following the floral vortex, vetiver and cedar give the bouquet a new dynamism, softened by notes of white musk.

  10. Atelier flou paradise paradise
    Named after the novel of the genre-marie dalle, this is truly Feminine fragrance Reveals a sense of freedom and absoluteIndependence. The personification of purity and unpredictability, he fascinates, transferring you to your own paradise. This fresh and soft floral fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, which transform into a harmonious bright combination of rose hips and violet root. Gentle notes of cedar and vanilla crown this masterpiece of perfect femininity.

Never be treated with indifference orFrivolous to the choice of perfume. Look for your perfect fragrance, which would be associated with people only with you. And most importantly - choose the original products, and not fakes, which can spoil your whole appearance.

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