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Beautiful snacks

Salads and snacks, Perhaps, the most important components of the festive table. Of course, without Olivier and herring under the fur coat, there will not be a single New Year's celebration, these are unconditional culinary hits.

"so simple!" It offers not only to limit the classics of the genre and to prepare Original snacks, Which will turn the meeting of the new year into an extravaganza of taste!

Beautiful snacks

  1. Simply and effectively: paste of grated cheese, greens and boiled eggs, season to taste and wrap in slices of sausage of good quality. Scrapie with skewers.
    Snack from salami
  2. Fresh cucumber slice, top with thin strips Salted salmon. To soften the taste, add 0.5 tsp. Cream cheese and roll up rolls. Serve with fried sesame seeds.
    Rolls with salmon and cucumber
  3. A themed snack in the form of chickens will be very handy!
    Snack chicken
  4. Slices from zucchini roast in a dry frying pan. As a filling suitable for any simple salad (due to the neutral taste of the vegetable marrow). Roll rolls, decorated with lettuce leaves.
    Zucchini rolls
  5. Mozzarella pouches with Fruit salad Just cause delight! A ball of young mozzarella (from brine) was divided into several pieces. Heated a microwave piece between two sheets of parchment and gently rolled into a beautiful cake.

    On the rolled out circle lay out a fruit assortment, scrapie the pouch with a ribbon of orange peel.

    Bags of mozzarella with fruit

  6. Peppers Baking for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees,Then put in a bag for about 5 minutes. After that, you can easily peel the skin off the peppers. Stuffing from eggs, cheese, garlic and greens, dressed with sour cream, will successfully shade the taste.
    Appetizer of peppers
  7. A terrific idea for serving portion!
    Avocado salad
  8. Lovers of light snacks will appreciate: a nut-and-cheese paste with pepper and garlic on slices of fresh tomatoes ... bliss!
    Snack from fresh tomatoes
  9. Sliced ​​apples, cucumber and Bulgarian pepper wrapped in Slices of ham, Previously lubricated with French mustard in the grains. Lay the rolls on a dish with a salad leaf and decorate with cherry tomatoes.
    Rolls of ham
  10. Slices of boiled beet with orange, radish and cranberry sauce, sprinkled with sesame ... such appetizers true gourmets will appreciate!
    Beetroot snack

From such a variety of snacks, eyes run up, I want to translate all ideas. I hope, and you will choose for yourself something suitable!

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