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Lifshaki for phone

Technology went so far that the phone becameA full-fledged computer! Communication through thousands of kilometers, searching for any information, data carrier and just a way to entertain. Just do not think that this ends up, because it's not even half of his super abilities ... offer your attention Secrets of phones, Which are not written in the instructions.


Lifhhaki for the phone

These 7 features of the phone can completely change your attitude towards it.

  1. Block the phone from the robber
    Agree, without your functions the phone turnsIn a pile of glass, metal and plastic. It is extremely important not to get lost and take the necessary measure: to block your phone. This can be done by contacting the operator from another mobile device.

    You just need to dictate the serial code of yourPhone. Do not know the code? Hurry to write it down, by typing a simple combination: * # 06 #. If the theft has already occurred, the code can still be found if you have the packaging preserved! For this, find the imei designation under the barcode - there the number will be indicated.

    Phone lock

  2. Bugger
    We know a simple and affordable way to deliverWiretapper. Turn on the phone function of automatic call acceptance and leave it where it is needed. At the right time, just click on the call, and your intelligence in action! It's not about serious operations, but such spy stuff can easily replace a baby monitor.
    Smartphone features
  3. Face control and fingerprint
    The phone stores a lot of personal information,So it will be unpleasant if someone will have free access to it, right? Numbers and symbols are no longer so reliable, and require additional time for input.

    Which can not be said about face control and scanningFinger: not only that fast, but also deeply individual. Such a password will not leave even the most curious chances! Maybe this is not a new function, but it should be used.

    screen lock

  4. Macro photography
    We are not talking about Mobile phone capabilities, But about detailed shots from any camera with the help ofImprovised means. They will improve the focus and, consequently, the quality. You need a small lens, which you can get, for example, from a laser pointer. You can attach it to the camera by pressing it down with an elastic band or holding it with an invisibility pin.
    How to improve camera phone

    If at hand there is no lens, an invisible or elastic,We have another way for you! Before that you need to clean the camera of any litter. You only need one small drop of water that will gently cover the camera of your phone. It really works!
    Lenses from a drop of water
  5. Holograms
    With the help of a smartphone you can create special effects at home! For example, here is a hologram like any other:
    Hologram on a smartphone

    You can do this in less than a minute. See simple training to create a hologram with your own hands.
  6. Underwater survey
    The advantages of your phone does not includeWater resistance? no problem! Because the main thing is that water does not get on the device. We offer you a budget variant of expensive cases: an ordinary bag of dense polyethylene.
    waterproof case

    This will open up new opportunities for you. First, picking up a packet for the size of a smartphone is not at all difficult. Secondly, the production will take no more than two minutes: to fasten the bag, cut off the excess and seal the seam with adhesive tape so that the water does not leak out exactly.
  7. long life
    There are many factors that affect theDuration of life of your smartphone. One of them is the purity of the nest. Of course, the connector for charging all the time collects dust and rubbish, but it depends on it power supply devaysa.

    Then you need to clean it. And clean so as not to damage the connector itself! For this you need only a syringe and a needle. Blowing the connector is very effective: from such a dense airflow any mote flies out, and the phone remains unharmed.

    Cleaning smartphone

But you just need to add a little bitIngenuity, is not it? Now you know that you have a real treasure in your pocket. And if you still do not have enough, find out other useful tricks with your smartphone.

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