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Tips for Motorists

Undoubtedly the availability of Car great simplifies life, Because you do not need to crowd in the publicTransport and fully depend on its schedule. But at the same time there are a lot of worries, especially in winter. Every morning you have to clean the car from snow and ice. Glass and Headlights mist over Or covered with ice, which can provoke a serious accident.

Advice to motorists in winter

However, coping with all these problems can be very easy if you know some secrets. The editorial board will tell you about them "so simple!".

Advice to motorists

  1. Frozen glass
    To prevent such a problem, mix the vinegarAnd water in a ratio of 3: 1 and spray on the glass. If the glasses are already frozen, then mix 600 ml of pure alcohol, 200 ml of water and 1 drop of dishwashing liquid. Sprayed on the frozen glass.
    Advice to motorists before winter
  2. Frozen castle
    The most common means for disinfecting handsPerfectly helps remove the formed ice and bring the mechanism into action. Just put a few drops on the key or in the hole of the lock and it's ready! It is possible to make it easier and to warm up the key with a lighter, but this can be burned.

    That the castle does not freeze, Before the beginning of frosts, inject a little grease wd-40 into the keyhole. It takes only a few minutes, but it will definitely save you from problems with the castle in the winter.

    Advice to motorists before winter

  3. The door does not open
    To prevent the seal from freezing in the doors, use a conventional cooking spray. Spray it on the rubber door gasket and wipe with a paper towel. Ready!
    Advice to motorists in winter
  4. Misted-up windows
    To eliminate this problem, wipe the window with an eraser for the school board. It will no longer fog, and the best part is that there will not be any divorce.

    Also you can pour into an old sock orA small cloth bag of the cat's filler and put it under the seat. Such a trick will make the air less damp, and the misted glasses will not bother you anymore.

    Advice to motorists in winter

  5. Ice on the side mirrors
    In order to avoid the formation of ice on the mirrors,Just tightly wrap them overnight in plastic bags. Removing the packages in the morning, you'll see that the mirrors are perfectly clean, and you do not need to waste time cleaning.
    Advice to motorists in winter
  6. Frozen or fog lights
    Clean the headlights from dirt and apply a thin layer of wax. It will not allow water or snow to settle. The effect of this cunning last for several weeks.
    Advice to motorists in winter
  7. Stalled in the snow
    Take the floor mats of the car and put them down.Under the wheels - this will create traction, and you will be able to cope with the situation on your own. Also have in your trunk a couple of packages of cat's filler. if The car will get stuck in the snow, Just mound a bit under the wheels. So you can easily leave.
    Advice to motorists in winter

Now a frosty winter will not create new cares for you to drive. These tips are very simple, but many people do not know about them.

Move safely and comfortably! Share tricks with your friends!