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Plastic Crafts

Each mistress strives for perfect cleanliness andOrder in the house, so all women try to get rid of excess rubbish as quickly as possible. But you do not need to be so categorical, for example, plastic packaging from products is worth saving.

Today we will share with you the secret of creating a charming little thing from Plastic containers. Children will be delighted with this idea, by the way, they can be attracted to joint manufacture.

French kerchief with own hands

Plastic crafts

You will need

  • plastic box
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • Color permanent markers


  1. Cut out the bottom in the packaging. You only need a flat part of the plastic container.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands
  2. Print out any outline picture. You can use for this purpose coloring.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands
  3. Redraw the picture on the plastic with the help of permanent markers. Take into account that the size of the figure in the final result will be reduced by approximately 70%. So initially the drawing should be large.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands
  4. Using a punch hole, make a small hole above the pattern and cut out a plastic figure along the contour.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands
  5. Preheating the oven to 165 degrees, place the plastic figurines on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake figurines exactly 3 minutes.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands
  6. After baking, each of the figures will become smooth and more dense. Now they can be attached as an ornament to the bracelet.
    Plastic handicrafts by one's own hands

Also these figures can be used as Christmas toys on the Christmas tree! If you liked this idea for needlework, share the article with your friends.