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Means for osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis - a common disease in which there is degeneration of the tissue of the intervertebral discs, resulting in the spine loses its inherent flexibility.

osteocondritis of the spine

Provoke the onset of this diseaseExcessive strain on the spine, trauma from falling or impact, age changes. People suffering from osteochondrosis, not by hearsay know how difficult the disease is treatable.

In search of an effective medicine for osteochondrosis "so simple!" Discovered this Prescription for folk medicine, Tested not by one generation. This natural remedy will make you forget about the pain for years to come.

Osteochondrosis remedy

Salt and olive oil

Ingredients for the mixture for the whole course of treatment

  • 10 tbsp. L. Stony sea salt
  • 20 tbsp. L. Unrefined olive oil (can be replaced with sunflower oil)


  1. In a glass container, mix the oil with salt, shake well to make the grains of salt dissolve. Take it to a dark place.
  2. The product will be ready in a few days, when a white suspension forms on the bottom. Once again shake the container and proceed to massage.

Daily lubricate and vigorously rub outPainful areas of the back. The duration of the procedure is 2-3 minutes at first, but every day you need to add 2-3 more, bringing the number of minutes to 20. After the massage, wipe the skin with a towel pre-moistened with hot water and wrung out.

Blood circulation in tissues will improve, their regeneration will be accelerated. Also massage will help to relieve the headache.

Radical changes will be noticeable after 8-10 procedures: the pain in the back will subside, the mobility and flexibility of the spine will improve. And soon you will be able to return to a normal way of life!

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