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Scratches on the laminate

currently laminate Can be found on the floor in many houses. In comparison with other floor coverings it has many advantages. It's cheap, easy to fit, and looks pretty noble. some Types of laminate Sometimes it is difficult to visually distinguish from the expensive tree.

Remove scratches on the laminate

There is one disadvantage of laminate: it is very easy to scratch. But getting rid of them is very simple, knowing some tricks. The editorial board will tell you about it "so simple!".

Scratches on the laminate

  1. Wax pencil
    If the scratch is not too deep, use a wax pencil of the right color. You can buy it in the building market or the shop of the office.

    Surface scratches clear of dust, degrease it and apply a pencil layer of wax throughout the depth and length. Let it dry, and then gently polish the surface with a dry soft cloth.

    Remove scratches on the laminate

  2. Laminate putty
    Such a paste is used, if on a laminate Deep scratch. Buy it in the store and follow our instructions.

    Surface scratches cleanse dust, degrease itAnd use a putty knife to evenly apply putty. Excess removal with a damp cloth. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Walk on the repaired part in a couple of hours.

    Special putty is produced in a variety of color palettes. It is made with regard to the composition of which Produce laminate, So it sticks to the surface perfectly.

    Than you can remove scratches on the laminate

  3. Hot mastic
    The course of action is the same, only hot mastic is used. This is perhaps the most uncomfortable and dangerous way. Because you need to act very Neat and fast, So as not to smear the whole floor and not get burned.
    How to remove scratches on the laminate at home
  4. Natural wax
    Clean the scratch from debris and degrease. It is possible to mix the wax with a conventional shoe cream that is suitable for color, which will only increase the resistance of the mass.
    How to remove scratches on the laminate
  5. Substitution
    Of course, if yours Laminate in poor condition And not just in scratches, but in holes, it needs to be changed. You can try using a special filler, but if the damage is extensive, then it will quickly wear off.
    How to remove deep scratches on the laminate

Now you can even skate around the house, because you know how to remove scratches! Know that in shops special kits are being sold to eliminate damages on the laminate.

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