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Operation of the freezer

Even a completely new refrigerator with freezerCamera can be a scoundrel. The freezer is priceless, without it it is impossible to imagine your kitchen, but at the same time, the work of this device is not so easy to control and in time to understand that there are failures!

If the freezer is not working properly,Products in it can be thawed and frozen, and so on a circle, many times. Naturally, from this they lose their nutritional qualities, and what is even worse - they deteriorate and can become Cause of food poisoning.

We will tell you how to check the operation of the refrigerator and freezer. An unmistakable method!

Freezer photo

Freezer operation

How to check the work of the freezer

  1. Pour water into a cup or glass and place the container in the freezer.
  2. When the water freezes, put a coin on the ice and bring the glass back to the cold.
  3. Safely go on your business! We need to leave the coin in the freezer for the whole night or for the whole working day: we need an exact check.
  4. Take out a glass with a coin from the freezer. If the coin is still on the surface of the ice crust, then everything is in order! The freezer is coping with its task perfectly.

    But if the coin was at the bottom of the glass,The freezer works in a useless way: the water thawed and froze again, so the coin sank to the bottom of the dishes. You should quickly get rid of the products that were in the freezer!

Freezer operation - that, on what it is necessary to pay attention! Because a rare hostess pondering this question, if there are no obvious signs of a malfunctioning device.

Freezing freezer

Finally, here's a little trick. To quickly freeze the jelly, put it for 30 minutes in the freezer, then get it and put it on the top shelf in the refrigerator! Your favorite dish will be at its best lightning fast.

How to use a freezer

Check, How the refrigerator works And a freezer, share the result with us! And do not forget to tell your friends about this useful trick.