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Detergent for cleaning

Then, as far as the house is cleaned and neat, says a lot about the woman. Of course, in the modern business world with its fast pace of life it is very difficult to allocate time for General cleaning of the premises.

Especially the bathroom and the restroom. Very often there is plaque, rust, and in secluded places mold. Many store Detergents and disinfectants Strongly dry the skin, have an unpleasant smell and not very well affect the respiratory tract.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you a prescription detergent, which you can easily prepare at home. Confident, the result of its application will please you!

You will need

  • 50 g of baking soda
  • 50 ml dishwashing liquid
  • 10 drops of essential oil of citrus fruits


  1. Pour the specified amount of soda into a convenient container.
  2. Wash the soda with a dishwashing detergent and mix it thoroughly until smooth.
  3. Now add to the resulting mixture 10 drops of essential oil of lemon, orange or any other. Again, mix it well.

Ready! Now you can safely start cleaning. Put a sponge on the sponge and be surprised by the result. Very quickly formed Thick foam, Which removes any pollution. Also, the agent is easily washed off and does not form a film on the surfaces.

In the form of a pleasant bonus, we give you a video in which you will see the process of preparing a wonderful tool, and also how it works.

Easy for you and pleasant cleaning. In this case you will also be helped by some little tricks! Do not forget to share the prescription means with friends.