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Security on the Internet

Not everyone knows about the fact that google on the slyKeeps track of its users, not focusing on this attention. And it's not just about records in search history, but also about phone calls. Yes, yes, all your conversations are recorded!

Security in the Internet

The company, in fact, does not keep this fact a secret. This can be read in the "agreement for users", but no one reads a long, confusing text.

Google watches its users

If you have been using a smartphone for a long time,That google has a long-term selection of records of your phone conversations. By the way, you can listen to them without problems, just go to this link.

for what personal information Do you need google? The company collects information about you to integrate them into your artificial intelligence. This is done for the good purpose of adapting google products to each user, making them more convenient.

But there are a few negative points

  1. Information can easily be captured by intruders by cracking the password to your account.
    Google watches its users
  2. In case of a serious conflict with the authorities, this information can be used against you.
    Google watches its users
  3. Also, personal information is used to "sharpen" advertising for you and push for another purchase.
    Google watches its users

To view all the information that you have collectedAbout you big brother you need to go to this link. Good news - you can easily delete these data! For this you need to click the button in the left column "select delete options".

We wish you a safe time on the net! Do not forget to share useful information with your friends - they will be grateful.