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Modern problems of mankind

Even the one who had a deuce in physics at school knows about Steven theory of hacking And his incredible contribution to science and developmentHumanity as a whole. The theoretical physicist is sure that the most dangerous time for our planet has come right now. More detailed about this statement you will tell the editorial staff "so simple!".

Steven theory hawking

Modern problems of mankind

The scientist believes that the victory of donald tramp in the US presidential elections and the statement of the Great Britain about secession from the European Union is the expressed anger of the people whom their leaders abandoned.

At the heart of the current situation, according to hawking, are economic The effects of globalization And rapid technological progress. Due to automation of production, the number of jobs is reduced, leaving opportunities only for the creative class and managers. And this increases economic inequality.

Global problems of humanity

On this occasion the well-known theoretical physicist says: "The Internet makes it possible to receive very large sums of money for a very small number of people. We live in a world of growing Economic inequalities, Where not only the standard of living is lost - the very ability of people to earn their living is lost. It's no surprise that people are looking for a way to make some kind of new deal. ".

The consequences are obvious: the rural poor go to cities, driven by hope. But it turns out that the paradise, shown on the expanses of instagram, is inaccessible there. They are sent to other countries In search of a better life. Migrants make ever greater demands on the economy and infrastructure of the countries where they come, undermine tolerance and contribute to the growth of political populism.

Global problems of mankind

"I'm worried about all this, because right nowHumanity needs to work together more and more than ever. We are faced with an environmental challenge - climate change, food shortages, epidemics, the oxidation of the oceans. All this indicates that the most dangerous moment in the history of mankind has come.

We came up with technologies that would allow us to destroy our planet. But we have not yet invented a way to leave it. While we only have one planet, and we must work together to protect it ", Continues the style of hockey.

Steven Hawking Time

According to the scientist, it is necessary to break down the barriersBetween countries, and not build them. So that it becomes real, world leaders need to recognize their failure. In our time most of the resources are in the hands of a small number of people, and we will have to learn how to share them. Not only jobs disappear, but also Whole industries. Therefore it is necessary to help people to retrain and support them financially during this period.

If countries do not cope with the growth of migration, weIt is necessary to support global development - this is the only way to make sure that millions of migrants are looking for a prosperous future at home.

Stephen Hawking

To the opinion of a person who has an extraordinaryMind, you need to listen. Because we are now too passionate about ourselves. And in order to save life on this planet, it is necessary that everyone begins to change their attitude towards her and other people.

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