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Women's Wisdom

Despite the difference in education, outlook and values, every woman in one way or another seeks to realize herself and be truly happy.

Redaction "so simple!" Has collected several useful lessons from German Frau, who will teach to take care of themselves and their personal space.

Rules of a successful woman

Women's wisdom

  1. Do not look at a man as a way to solve problems
    And it's not about emancipation or desireSuperiority. Because people - they are not forever. Your companion and the right support can lose your job, get away from you or just walk away from life. Of course, it is important to know that there is someone to rely on in a difficult moment.

    But if you do not learn to decide for yourselfProblems that have fallen on you, then it will be even more difficult. Passion is gradually replaced by everyday life, and this often entails a lot of negative situations and emotions. You are two adults and you must Make one's life easier, Because for this you go through life shoulder to shoulder.

  2. Be yourself, and not just someone's housekeeper, mother or wife
    German women are not violent careerists and do not diminish the importance of motherhood or marriage, as it may seem at first glance. They just do not make it the goal of their lives. They are realistic. They are ready for anything. Infertility of one of the partners, the absence of a person with whom serious relationships could start, is the realities of the modern world.

    Here the woman is the same person as a man. And if a man of age and without a family is considered an "old wolf", then she is an "old lioness", not a "vapour" and an unhappy creature. But if you are lucky enough to hear the tramp of tiny legs in the house, then the wise German will not hide her old interests and interests.

    Yes, she is a mother and wife, but she also loves to studyDiving and doing tattoos, for example. She has many personal interests and deeds. Because it is so important - to feel personally and be happy under any circumstances.

    Useful tips for women

  3. Personal life of other people is their own business
    In Germany you will never hear in your addressQuestions like "why are you not married / without a boyfriend / not yet born?". Even about the age they ask extremely seldom and quite cautiously. Many will be surprised, but Germans do not like to talk about someone else's private life, and that's it.

    It may seem that this indicatesSome callousness or lack of sincerity. But after a while you begin to understand that this is the right approach. Tell your inner feelings or problems to your sister or mom, for example, but only if you really want to. In fact it is unpleasant, when pulling for the most untouchable threads without demand. Personal life for something personal, so that you can find the causes and exits yourself.

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  4. You need to be easier
    Frau very seldom talks about anything orWeaves intrigues. If she does not like something, she will say so. If she is too lazy to go to a meeting with her friend, she is not looking for stupid signals, but simply does not go, because she does not want today. With all the same happens.

    If she is weak or depressed, she does notRapes himself with work or work, but simply goes to the doctor and takes a sick leave to sort out himself and just relax. If she is not comfortable on the heels, she does not wear shoes, but turns to sneakers.

  5. natural beauty
    By the way, about appearance. To many of us it seems that the Germans are too kinky with their disregard for appearance. We are used to that every day, every trip to work or to the store is a holiday. But for German women, the angle to their appearance is quite adequate: if it is not a social reception or a wedding, then comfortable trousers, flat shoes and a natural make-up are the choice of the day.

    And even such a simple, it would seem, and not veryA feminine image can be made attractive. Pants can be simple, comfortable, but at the same time elegant. Instead of a flashy make-up - unusual ornaments. And healthy, neat and well-groomed hair - the most feminine element of the image.

    Natural beauty of a woman

Take note of these Useful tips for women And be happy!