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Causes of abdominal pain

The emergence of painful sensations in the field ofBelly - it's not a rare thing. Few people attach importance to them, associating them with banal digestive problems. However, such a symptom may indicate serious pathologies of the abdominal cavity organs and not only, but timely establishing diagnosis Can save your life.

Redaction "so simple!" Made for you a localization map Abdominal pain, Which will definitely help out in an unpleasant situation.

abdominal pain

Causes of abdominal pain

  1. Right hypochondrium
    Such a localization of pain is characteristic of diseasesLiver, gallbladder, duodenum or pancreas. And with pancreatitis and duodenal ulcer pain pains in the lower back, but with stones in the kidneys - into the groin area. If the pain is accompanied by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, this is a sure sign of inflammation of the gallbladder.
  2. Middle part of the abdomen on the right
    Pain in this area of ​​the abdominal cavity may indicate a cholelithiasis, a urinary tract infection and even a helminthic invasion.
  3. Lower abdomen right
    Most common cause of pain inThis region is an inflammation of the appendix of the cecum, that is, appendicitis. In which case the pain is acute, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever. Also such pain can be a clinical sign of gynecological problems in women and inguinal hernia in men.
    Lower abdominal pain
  4. Epigastric region
    Pain in the epigastric region may beA symptom of banal heartburn, indigestion or evidence of more serious health problems. Obtaining a pain in this area is a sure sign of pancreatitis.

    But if the pain is associated with heart disease, they are accompanied by shortness of breath and a sense of fear. Pain with gastritis, stomach ulcer and epigastric hernia will also have a similar localization.

  5. Navel
    Discomfort in the waist can indicate gastritis, pancreatitis or umbilical hernia. Even an inflammation of the appendix very often gives a similar symptomatology.
  6. underbelly
    Pain in the lower abdomen in men may indicate a chronic prostatitis. But in women a bouquet of diseases with localization of pain in this area is much greater.

    In women, such pain can signalInflammatory processes of internal genital organs, endometriosis, adnexitis, menstrual approach. Such pain is one of the symptoms of a possible rupture of the ovarian cyst or ectopic pregnancy.

    lower abdominal pain

  7. Left hypochondrium
    The occurrence of such pain may indicateAbout problems with the stomach, may be a symptom of pancreatitis or renal colic. The latter, by the way, is completely unbearable, and confusing its symptoms is extremely difficult. Also, the cause of discomfort may be inflammation of the pleura of the lungs.
  8. Middle part of the abdomen on the left
    Pain in this area can be a sign of urolithiasis, gastritis or spleen pathology.
  9. Lower abdomen to the left
    Pain can be the result of a disruption of workSigmoid and transverse colon, as well as the left kidney. Often pain in this area indicates the development of diverticulitis (hernial protrusion of the intestinal wall). It happens, the pain signals a colitis, the cause of which is helminthiasis.
    Lower abdominal pain

Remember that pain is only one of the symptoms of a disease! To establish an accurate diagnosis, you should immediately contact a specialist.

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