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Massage techniques at home

To make a quality Body massage, It is not necessary to be a professional masseur. Just need to master the basic technique, which will perform the procedure and not harm the patient's health. Such a massage will take no more than 30-40 minutes.

During the procedure, great attention should be paid toProblem areas, highlighting for them a little more time. Perform massage exactly in the order that is indicated in the article, then it will bring the maximum benefit.

Massage technique at home

  1. Feet and calves
    Begin the relaxing procedure with the feet: with the thumbs of your fingers, gently stir this zone. Movements should be slightly pressing, but without fanaticism, otherwise it can be hurt.

    It is worth paying great attention to the toes. Gently pull each finger individually. This procedure will help relieve tension. Razmni calves legs as shown in the picture. Move up to the hip, carefully rubbing the skin.

    Proper massage at home

  2. small of the back
    This area is large enough so thatTo start, do a kneading massage of the buttocks. With the help of stroking movements and squeezing, prepare the loin to an intense massage. Carefully crush the combs of the fist muscles of the back, ending the procedure with shaking and stroking.
    Proper massage at home
  3. shoulder blades
    To massage the scapula should go afterMassage of the invertebral muscles is completely completed. Start the procedure with rubbing the skin with the pads of the four fingers folded together. Massage the soft tissue, avoiding the area of ​​the joints. Special attention was given to the depressions between the clavicle and the scapula of the scapula.
    Proper massage at home
  4. Neck and shoulders
    This trick will help relieve tension in the area of ​​the shoulder joints. Ask the partner to unclench and clench his fists several times in a row. Then mash each shoulder, gently pushing the thumbs into the muscles.

    Stroking hands several times on the back of the neck. Squeezing your hands into a fist, do a few trimming movements on the posterolateral surface of the neck.

    Proper massage at home

  5. head
    Place your fingers wide and fix the largeFingers on forehead partner. The remaining fingers perform massaging movements on the surface of the head. Then with the pads of the fingers perform the tapping and complete the scalp massage with stroking.
    Proper massage at home

Give your loved one an unforgettable experience - do a relaxing massage! Such a procedure will relieve tension and lift the mood after a hard day's work.