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Of all known techniques and trends in the field of manicure, one of the most beloved of many beauties is Matte coating Nails. Any drawing and design on this texture looks more bright and presentable.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared specially for you a selection of stylish options Matt manicure. Confident, every babe will find something interesting for yourself!

Matte nail design

  1. Matte Nail nails Look very elegant. This coating will fit any image.
  2. Geometric design of nails It is impossible to get by. With it the nails look longer.
  3. Black manicure in a matte interpretation looks very noble.
  4. A one-ton coating looks very gentle.
  5. The gradient will surely please you!
  6. Winter ornaments can be confused with a picture of butter ...
  7. The combination of glossy and matte texture is very interesting.
  8. Decoration with stones and sequins matte coating looks more advantageous than on glossy.
  9. Matte variation of golden and silver hues - an unusual and attractive solution.
  10. Matt fur coat Conquered my heart!
  11. Such a manicure looks luxurious!
  12. For the summer itself.
  13. very tender…
  14. Then the feeling when your nails resemble a work of art.
  15. Lace looks feminine even on nails.
  16. This is a variant of geometry, too, is not bad.
  17. Green this year in the trend.

You can at least change your nail design every dayThanks to these ideas. Just remember that before using matte varnishes you need to polish the nail plate to a perfectly smooth surface. Because they emphasize all the irregularities.

Tell us in the comments, what varnishes do you like more: glossy or matte? And do not forget to share ideas with your friends!