/ How to take care of an orchid

How to take care of an orchid

The majority of the fair sexConsider an orchid to be very capricious and demanding in the care of a plant. But some mistresses manage to plant a whole flower garden of these exotics right on their windowsill ... how do they do it?

It's very simple - these women clearly follow the instructions for caring for orchids! Today we will share with our readers the subtleties that every owner of this plant needs to know about.

How to care for an orchid in a pot at home

How to care for an orchid

  1. When to transplant a plant?
    After the acquisition, the flower does not need to be transplanted into new soil. A healthy plant will need a transplant only after 2-3 years, when the old substrate collapses.

    Another thing, if you became the owner of a discounted plant. In this case, you need to act on the circumstances, having examined the orchid beforehand for rotten roots.

    How to care for an orchid in a pot at home

  2. What substrate is suitable for phalaenopsis orchids?
    Phalaenopsis orchid - epiphytic plant (growing on tree trunks). In nature, it does not need a substrate, since it receives all nutrients solely from rainwater.

    To the same plant, the soil is needed to give the flower a stable vertical position in the pot.

    How to care for an orchid in a pot at home

  3. What pot to choose for an orchid transplant?
    To make the plant feel great, you needChoose the right pot. So, remember or write down: the pot for the orchid should be transparent, and also it must have drainage holes and correspond to the size of the plant.
    How to care for an orchid in a pot at home
  4. How to transplant an orchid?
    Prepare a small basin with warm water,Transparent pot, scissors, a new substrate, a piece of polystyrene and a green. Pre-boil water. Then put orchid directly in a pot in a basin of water. Gently pull the plant from the pot and perch once more into the water. Free the roots of the orchid from the substrate.

    Disinfect scissors and remove rotted orDried roots. Cut the cut of each spine with green. At the bottom of the pot, put a little substrate, then put the orchid and try to put a piece of polystyrene right at the base of the plant. Fill the pot with the substrate to the top. After the transplant, in any case, do not water the plant, postpone water procedures for 7-10 days.

    How to care for an orchid in a pot at home

  5. How to make an orchid bloom?
    Some orchid loversPets shock therapy: they hide the plant in a dark place for a few days, and then put it back on the windowsill. This trick works only with healthy orchids, if your flower is weak, do not do such experiments.

    Use a cytokinin paste toStimulate the plant to release the peduncle. Just apply a small amount of funds to the sleeping kidney, and after 2 weeks you will notice the result! This unique product also allows you to easily reproduce without injuring the mother plant.

    How to care for an orchid in a pot at home

And what secrets do you know about caring for orchids? Do not forget to share your experience in the comments!