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How to Festively Add Napkins

The celebratory table should not only shine with appetizing dishes, but also be Beautifully served. For this it is not necessary to use expensive jewelry or to observe all the rules of table etiquette, because not everyone has at home all the necessary appliances and utensils.

Just decorate the table Beautifully folded napkins. About how to make a beautiful decorative element from a normal napkin, you will be glad to tell the editorial staff "so simple!". Napkins can be both paper and fabric.

How to lay down napkins

  1. Let's start with such beauty. Looks very intricate, but done in two counts. Decorate any table.
  2. Bottles can also be clothed. Do it from a napkin Beautiful shirt According to our scheme. Guests will be surprised by your skill!
  3. Another classic Serving option. Looks very elegant and easy to implement.
  4. Tree - main Attribute of the new year. So let her decorate and your table. That's such a sweet she comes from a napkin. It can be decorated with beads or ribbons.
  5. Still here such beauty. Inside each petal you can put decorations. Very interesting option.
  6. Devices can be served in such a beautiful envelope. Use Napkins of different colors - so it turns out more elegantly. You can decorate everything with ribbon.
  7. This is a hare. Looks very festive. Can be decorated with a golden thread, then the napkin will acquire even more Holiday view.
  8. Another version of the Christmas tree. Looks good at Napkins with a pattern.
  9. Glasses and glasses Can be decorated with such wonderful roses. This option can be used for a romantic dinner.
  10. And a few more simple options. No complicated schemes, just fold a napkin and use different decorations.

Each of the options can be supplemented with your ideas. You can use napkins of different texture and color. Add beads, ribbons, flowers, different figures. It turns out very miraculously! For a beautifully decorated table to sit much nicer.

Try beautifully folding napkins for table layout and share ideas with friends!