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Where to put a Christmas tree

The main attribute for the meeting of the new year is Green and furry fur-tree, Decorated with toys and a shiny rain. Felled in the woods or artificial - it does not matter. But have you ever thought about where your green beauty should be?

It turns out, Masters of feng shui Pay special attention to this moment. In their opinion, a properly placed tree can not only give you New Year's Eve, But also to attract in this year in your life additional luck in the desired field of activity. The editorial board will tell you about it "so simple!".

Where to put the Christmas tree

  1. To find or strengthen love
    In which case you need to arrange a tree in the east of your home. So that Find true love, Feng shui it should be decorated with shinyCrystals, silk ribbons, hearts or paired symbols - two balls, two bumps or icicles that hang nearby, or even better - are intertwined with strings or threads for fastening.

    The color of Christmas tree ornaments should be red and pink, and the top of the tree - three-dimensional.

  2. To attract money
    Place for such a Christmas tree - southeast. Ornaments should be gold or silver shades. The simpler option is to use chocolate coins in brilliant wrappers, which are sold literally everywhere before the new year.

    In addition, you can make butterflies out of banknotes or wrap them with twigs of a Christmas tree, connecting them with a bow. You get such a money tree that will bring you Financial success.

  3. To find new friends and glory
    For this you need to put a Christmas tree in the southern partPremises. The greatest effect will be if you ask each friend to bring for your Christmas tree some toy from home. And if you want new acquaintances, hang on the Christmas tree the objects personifying these acquaintances.

    For example, an expensive pen from the future patron, a coin from a potential sponsor, a pair of tie pins, if you want to drive Friendship with men. In general, find the thing that, in your opinion, should be with your future friend.

  4. If you plan to become pregnant and successfully give birth
    Children are the western corner of your home. Decorate the tree with different toys, all kinds of sweets. And if the house already has children, be sure to make together simple toys, such as cones and colored paper. Let the kids hang them on the tree themselves.

    Just do not trust anyone with a garland, yet the most important decisions should be made by future parents. Well, if you want to get pregnant, hang higher angels or an image of a Madonna with an infant.

  5. If you need success in career advancement
    The spruce, located in the north, promises career growth. Pay attention to the fact that career and financial well-being vary. Finance can be an inheritance, and a career is promotion through the ranks.

    Decorate the Christmas tree in the style of work that you plan to advance. Bright and shocking if the work is creative, strictly, if it's a serious business.

  6. If you want to travel a lot
    Lovers of travel should take away for the Christmas treeNorth-west corner. Decorate the tree you need, respectively. If you plan to travel, hang the symbol of travel on the tree. For example, a pyramid figurine, if you dream of going to Egypt. It can be tickets, photos of places you want to visit, and any other items.
  7. If you want to strengthen health
    Then set the Christmas tree in the center of the room. Only if you want to get rid of diseases, you must always put a live Christmas tree. In the form of jewelry you can use New Year's toys made of natural materials: Cones, flowers ...

It happens that the interior of the house does not allow you to put the Christmas tree in the right angle. In this case, take a few fluffy branches, make one of them New Year's bouquet Or a wreath and put it in a vase or hang it on a wall in the right place, decorating with the appropriate symbols. This will also have an effect.

Try to arrange the Christmas tree in the right way for the meeting of 2017 and do not forget to share information with your friends!