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Severe cough

Often we are faced with epidemics in the form of influenza, but this year brought something new. All western europe Suffers from a dry cough, Which lasts for several weeks. The symptoms are very deceptive, because people start coughing with ordinary methods that do not give absolutely no results.

What is this ail, the editorial staff will tell you "so simple!". It is important to immediately recognize the symptoms, because the usual drugs will not help, and the vaccine is not yet ...

Heavy cough

It is important to note that this cough causes a virus, the nature of which is not fully understood by doctors. Symptoms at the same time as Severe influenza And bronchitis. To get rid of the disease, it will take at least three weeks.

Cough itself is frequent, without sputum and quite heavy. The main thing - immediately pay attention to the disease and see a doctor.

Features of a cough

  1. This cough is not treated with antibiotics
    Judging by the symptoms, you mistakenly think that you got bronchitis. But do not rush to run to the pharmacy for antibiotics, because they will not help you at all.

    After all, as you know, the more often you take antibiotics, when in fact you do not need them, the less susceptible they become Dangerous bacteria.

  2. In a group of people with chronic diseases
    The most vulnerable segments of the population are children, elderly people and those who have to spend a lot of time on the street. Most of the victims of this virus are people suffering from Chronic forms of diseases. For example, people with heart, lung and diabetics.

    So if you fall into one of these categories, take your health this winter very responsibly. Dress warmly and try not to spend too much time on the street.

  3. The basis of treatment - peace
    Do not rush to say that this is utter nonsense. In conditions when there is actually no effective medicine against this new virus, European doctors say that The best method of treatment - stay at home, go to bed under a blanket and drink as much warm liquid as possible, but not hot. Syrups of cough, too, will not bring good.

    Doctors say that you can alleviate suffering with the help of menthol sweets, which you usually eat to freshen your breath. but they Will only remove symptoms, So your task is just to lie back and wait.

If you or people close to you for several weeks are concerned about the incomprehensible origin of dry cough, it is better to get warm for a week at home. So the ailment will pass and other people will not be infected.

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