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What products are better to grate

Most often we Grate Carrots and cheese. In most cases, the rest of the products we cut out of habit. But the grater has a very wide application, just not everyone knows about it.

About what products are better to grate, the editorial staff will tell you "so simple!". Some options may surprise you!

What products it is better to grate

  1. hard boiled eggs
    Of course, all Rubbing eggs For herring under a fur coat and other salads. In addition, grated eggs can be an excellent addition to the garnish. For example, to rice porridge for breakfast. And even from finely grated eggs, delicious sandwich spreads are obtained.
  2. chocolate
    Grated chocolate You can sprinkle cakes, frappuchino, desserts andCheesecake. This is also a way to facilitate the task, when the chocolate needs to melt. Chocolate is rubbed, by the way, quite easily. The main thing is to take not very large pieces.
  3. bread
    this is something new. The remains of bread can easily be turned into a bread pan. For this, put them in a plastic container and send it to the freezer. Then sodium if necessary and lightly brown in the oven.
  4. butter
    In the event that the recipe requires not melted butter, just put it on the grater. The dough will turn out to be more gentle, supple and elastic. Certainly try.
  5. cauliflower
    If you are a supporter of proper nutrition or just want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, try Replace conventional rice On slightly boiled grated cauliflower on a grater. It can be dried on a paper napkin.
  6. garlic
    If you do not have a press for garlic in the household, and the recipe requires chopped garlic, use it safely Small grater. It's faster and more convenient than crushing it with a knife.
  7. potatoes
    Grated potatoes Is not only an ingredient of incredibly delicious potato pancakes, but also an additional ingredient for morning omelettes, which from this will only become more satisfying and tastier.
    Grate the raw potatoes
  8. carrot
    Yes, everyone knows that carrots can be rubbed onGrater. But still, if you put it in the soup, and the children do not like this vegetable in a cooked form, just sugared carrots on a grater. Then she will give the dish all her juices and remain almost invisible.
  9. cabbage
    The usual shredding of cabbage can also be replaced with a grater, and be sure that its taste does not change from this. Grated cabbage is an ingredient of salads, it can be fermented or added to various dishes.
  10. ginger
    The root of ginger should be rubbed by default. To add it to tea or salad is best to use a small grater. So he will give more useful substances, which is what is required of him.
    Ginger grate
  11. radish
    He plays not the first violin in salads, but makes them tasty and rich. So try to rub the radish, and not cut it with pieces.
  12. cucumber
    But this is really non-standard. But the grated cucumber is a welcome guest in many dishes. It is very tasty to make a Mediterranean sandwich with cucumber and hummus!
    Grate cucumbers

To rub foods is always faster than cutting them. So this is also an excellent time saving. The more vegetables are crushed, the more they give juice, and hence, useful substances.

Tell us in the comments that you usually rub on the grater, and do not forget to share information with your friends!