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Herbs for the liver

If the liver is sick, the whole organism is terribly suffering. Severity after eating, pain in the side, weakness, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, earthy skin color, nausea ...

All these signs indicate Liver problems!! Because this important body not only processes toxins, but also participates in the metabolism of fats and the production of bile, regulating metabolic processes in other organs.

Very important periodically Peel a liver, Help it to fulfill its functions, toAvoid such terrible diseases as cysts, cirrhosis and obesity of the liver. This is the only body able to recover! It is best to support the liver will help these herbs, be sure to keep these prescriptions.

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Herbs for the liver

  1. sagebrush
    Bitterness of wormwood helps even with cholecystitis andHepatitis! 2 tsp. Dry herb insist with 1.5 tbsp. Boiling water. Take 3 times a day for an hour and a half before meals. Treatment of wormwood - 2-3 weeks. This plant also improves digestion and helps to cope with ascarids and other parasites in the body!
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  2. mint
    1 cup boiling water and 5 grams of mint leaves insist inFor 15 minutes. Take a drink for 1 tbsp. L. Every 3 hours. Mint is extremely useful in poisoning, it will help the liver to cleanse of toxic substances and produce more bile.
    How to treat the liver
  3. calendula
    Calendula will accelerate metabolic processes in the liver,Improve the secretory function, strengthen the production of bile. 2 tsp. Flowers zaley 2 tbsp. Boil, persist for 1 hour, then strain. Drink half the glass of medicinal drink 4 times a day.
    Medicinal herbs for the liver
  4. chamomile
    1 tbsp. L. Dry chamomile pour 1 tbsp. Boiling water, insist for 20 minutes. Strain and drink half the glass in the morning and evening. Chamomile is good for pain in the liver, quickly relieves spasms, has a calming effect on the entire body.
    Herbs for liver treatment
  5. St. John's wort
    1 tbsp. L. St. John's wort 1 tbsp. Boiling water and boiling for 15 minutes. Insist drink 20 minutes, strain and take 3 times a day. This herb will relieve inflammation, as well as help strengthen the entire body and calm the nervous system.
    Treatment of liver diseases

Herbs for liver treatment Can be used as an excellent prophylaxis! If you feel that something is wrong with the body, you experience discomfort - make infusion of natural raw materials, and immediately feel better!

You can apply herbs separately, and you can drink Collection of herbs for the liver - it is also extremely effective! These medicinal plants are well combined and strengthen each other's action.

It is very useful to drink a course of herbal decoctions After treatment with antibioticsTo help the liver cope with toxins. Also these simple drinks will help after a plentiful festive feast and drinking! Give friends these saving prescriptions.