/ What to Make of an Old Sweater

What to make of an old sweater

Always admired by people who know how to turn the terrible things into beautiful things. Today edition "so simple!" Show you a couple of ideas, like From an old sweater Make completely new and practical things.

Everyone has such a worn thing. So do not rush to throw it into the garbage can: take scissors and create with us.

What to make of an old sweater

  1. a cap
    A tight sweater is the best material for A warm winter hat. Take one of your hats as a pattern for the pattern. Attach it near the hem of the sweater and cut out the two halves. Sew them. Super-simple option for those who do not know how to knit.

  2. mittens
    An old sweater can miraculously warm your hands inSevere frosts. Put your hand to the sweater and circle. Only consider that you need to leave 1-2 cm for seams and free space, so it was convenient to wear products. Sew halves of mittens and bear on health!
  3. shade
    Just pull the sweater over the existing shadeLamp. Leave 1-2 cm at the top. Using a hot silicone adhesive, attach this part of the sweater from the inside of the lampshade. Looks very interesting!
  4. Wrapper for gift
    You can cut out a strip from the jacket and decorate it with a gift box. And also you can wrap the whole gift with a sweater. A smart idea on the eve of New Year's holidays!
  5. Christmas wreath
    Make a circular solid foundation. Wrap her with an old sweater. Add decorations - and you're done! Very simple and fast option Christmas wreath at the door!!
  6. Sweater for a dog
    So that your pet is not cold in the cold winter, make warm clothes for him. Cut a piece of the sleeve of the desired length. Take measurements from the dog to know where the holes should be.
  7. Flowerpots for flowerpot
    Again in the course of the sleeves. Cut the necessary length and tighten the pot. Fasten the edges with a hot silicone adhesive.

Now you see that unnecessary things do not happen. From just one old sweater how much practical you can do! And if you know how to knit, then you can easily disband the product with threads and create something new.

Tell us in the comments what you do with unnecessary things. Share your ideas with your friends!