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Qualities of provincials

Taste and Sense of style - this is something that you can not buy for any money. Especially for women seeking to be as bright as possible in the crowd. Not without reason they say that you can take the girl from the village, but the village of the girl is never.

Provincial who it is

Young women of provincial origin often seek to stand out from the crowd, resorting to a variety of ways. About what the provincial woman gives you in a woman will tell you the editors "so simple!". Of course, among Girls from remote places There are so many elegant, educated and interesting. We described only one special kind of women.

Quality provintsialok

  1. Heels always and everywhere
    Even for the city on shish kebabs, even on an icy mountain -Provintsialki choose heels for any occasion. They dream of brand shoes with ultra-high heels, and if they can not afford it, they calmly buy fakes that are only a mile away.
    Provincial who it is
  2. Excessive emphasis on sexuality
    For some reason, girls from the outback most of the time think that the whole world needs to declare themselves, while it should show all the women's trump cards.

    If the lipstick is something bright red, if the hair color -Then a dazzling white or black with a blue tint. If the decollete is deep, and the skirt, of course, is an extreme mini. One can not help but mention the strong craving for animal prints, sequins and sparkles.

    9, provincial girls

  3. Race for brands
    Here you can even omit the topic Fake Chinese things Necessarily with a motley logo. The main thing is to buy one thing in a branded boutique, just to get his card, which will shine in a purse, or lipstick, which will always accidentally drop in the presence of a large number of people.

    As if a label of clothes rubbed or stabbed, the provincial would never cut it off. Even these girls are very fond of uploading photos of purchases or gifts along with price tags.

    9, provincial girls

  4. Tuning of appearance
    Provincial girls are favorite clients of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Gel on the lips and cheekbones, they want more, the spout is smaller and finer, and the eyelashes are more authentic.
    9, provincial girls
  5. Stormy merriment
    If you see a girl in an institution the whole evening withOne only a drink that she does not drink, but carries in her hand, then most likely she is from the province. I want to be like everyone else. And her dances are always like performing in the best strip-bars of Vegas.
    9, provincial girls
  6. Attitude towards men
    On men look at provincials Predatory and evaluative. Oh these views! A feeling that they have built in scanners of the future. Moment - and she reads everything from him: the amount of income, the level of generosity and the total potential. Provincial to never convince that the general's sons are those who marry the lieutenants. Let the rough and drinking, the main thing - secured.
    Provincial girl is
  7. The desire to marry
    Any girl has such a desire. But the provincial is not at all the desire to have one's own family. First of all, it is an opportunity to gain a foothold in a big city and have housing, money ...
    Provincial girl is
  8. Short memory for one's own biography
    Rarely provincial girls tell us where they come from, and even about their past in principle. Very often you can hear inarticulate stories about a lamentable fate.
    Provincial girl is
  9. Inexplicable confidence in one's own irresistibility
    Such a girl thinks that everything in this world is for her. That there is no competition, that all men will leave their families for her, that the big city waited only for her ... complexes are also alien to her.
    Provincial girl is
  10. Excess of ornaments
    All ornaments from precious metals and stones should be decorated by a girl from a remote area. It can even be rings and earrings of moms, grandmothers ... because if you are in gold, you look Expensive and rich.
    Provincial girl is
  11. Job
    This is any job that can give an acquaintance with the right and wealthy people. Often it's waitresses, administrators.
    Provincial girl is

Remember that you always need to stress yourIndividuality, and not be like everyone else. Only in this case you will be interesting to others. Always engage in self-development, because perfect and irreplaceable people do not happen. Be proud of your birthplace and family!

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