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What to do if your legs hurt

Pain, and Heaviness in the legs Arise throughout the life of many people. Some suffer these symptoms long enough. Nevertheless it is very important to diagnose the cause of discomfort. After all, the well-known truth says that the beginning disease is much easier to cure than neglected.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you, How to get rid of leg pain. The suggested tips and exercises will help alleviate the pain, and also serve as a preventive maintenance of serious diseases.

What to do if your legs hurt

  1. Rise of fingers
    This exercise is done standing. Lift the little finger to the height of your thumb. Then lower the thumb, lifting the other. Repeat 5 times for each leg.
  2. Tension of the feet and toes
    Sit comfortably on the floor, while keeping your legs straight. With a light scarf or piece of cloth, pull your feet to yourself, slightly resisting your fingers. You must feel the tension in your feet. Do this exercise several times.
  3. Massage with a tennis ball
    Take a ball for tennis or a billiard ball. Step on the ball and make light circular motions, lightly pressing on it. Such a simple exercise remarkably kneads the feet and very well relaxes.
  4. Relaxing exercise
    Standing barefoot, try to transfer your weight toThe outer side of the leg. And now stand on your fingers and hold for about 10 seconds. Repeat ten times. It is best to do this exercise while standing on the ground or sand.
  5. Medical ball
    For this you will need a medical ball, or a medical ball. Lying on the floor, put your feet on it and try to squeeze with your feet so that your fingers rest on the floor. Repeat 15 times.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes
    Always wear shoes in which the foot is comfortable and comfortable. This will allow the feet to breathe properly and feel less tension. A banal advice, but women are often neglected.
  7. Do stretching
    Practice yoga or pilates. This will help keep the whole body in a tone, and also favorably affects the joints.
  8. Bath with English salt
    Epsom (English) salt perfectly helps to cleanse the body of toxins. You may not know this, but your legs are an ideal place to remove accumulated harmful substances.
  9. Walk barefoot
    it is very useful! Especially if you do this on a special path, laid out with stones.

Leg health It is very important for the whole body. Because the severity and pain in them over time adversely affect the spine and lower back. In addition, you will have to forget about beautiful shoes and short dresses, because of the strong tension can manifest venous grid, which does not look very aesthetically.

Trust our advice, and your feet will never know any ailments! Do not forget to share information with friends.