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Tips for drivers

Winter is an extremely difficult time of the year for all motorists. Every morning they experience a lot of trouble with personal transport: frozen glass, lights and doors, problems with the battery and locks ...

Today our editorial board will share worldly wisdom and help prevent the most common problems with the car.

Lifhaki for the car in the winter

Advice to drivers

  1. Sweaty glass
    Get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon will helpUsual shaving cream. Just apply the product on the glass, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. A microfilm is formed on the glass surface, which will prevent fogging and icing.
    Lifhaki for the car in the winter
  2. Dirty headlights
    Each driver tries to keep lightThe car's devices are kept clean, because safety on the road depends on this. To clean the headlights from dirt, do not necessarily use automotive chemistry. To get rid of a mud plaque the usual tooth-paste will help! Apply the product to the contaminated surface with a sponge, then wash it off with water.
    Lifhaki for the car in the winter
  3. Old battery
    If there is a possibility that the machine may notStart in the morning, it is worth to find a site with a slight bias and park it there. It will allow to be accelerated by the rear, to include the third gear and to start without the help of a starter.
    Lifhaki for the car in the winter
  4. Frozen windshield
    To avoid this problem, try to park the car with windshields to the east. In sunny weather, the morning sun will warm it and melt the ice. This trick can save 10 minutes a day.
    Lifhaki for the car in the winter
  5. Frozen lock
    What could be worse than a frozen door lock,Trunk or hatch gasoline tank? In any case you can not warm it up with hot water or with a cigarette lighter! This can lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences.

    To easily open the door of the car, it is enough to breathe into the larva of the lock through a drinking straw. Hot air will melt a thin layer of ice inside the iron mechanism.

    Lifhaki for the car in the winter

  6. Freeze doors
    This is due to the accumulated moisture on the rubber bands. To avoid such an annoying phenomenon, it is enough to take advantage of our cunning advice!

    Wipe the rubber sealant with a cloth soaked in vegetable oil, and then remove the remnants of the product with a paper towel. The oil will repel water, and the doors of the machine will stop.

    Lifhaki for the car in the winter

  7. Frosted wipers
    This trouble can save ordinary socks. Just put the wardrobe on the janitors and leave the car overnight in this condition. Do not just press the windshield wiper blades against the windshield! Tear off socks from the glass will be more difficult than the wipers.
    Lifhaki for the car in the winter

Do not forget to share these practical tips with other drivers - they will be grateful! And what car tricks do you use? Do not be greedy, share your experience in the comments!