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How to reboot the router

The last few years it is difficult to imagine our life without the Internet. Every person has so many gadgets that the house without Router wi-fi It is very difficult to imagine.

But nothing is perfect, and Wi-fi speed Wants the best. About a little trick that will save you from signal interruptions, the editorial board "so simple!".

How to reboot the router

You can imagine the router as a computer inMiniature: he also has a memory, a processor and an operating system. Which means that from time to time he also needs a reboot. Usually providers provide for each of your personal gadgets Temporary ip-addressesSo that they can receive and send data. Constant ones are quite expensive and are usually used by organizations.

So the ip-address of your smartphone or netbook at any time can change. If the router misses this change, it will not be possible to install it Network connection. Here in such moments without a restart can not do.

But considering that you are connecting to the network more devices: smartphones, smart tv, security devices with Wi-fi connection, - the router that you bought even 2 years ago, plows at the limit of its capabilities.

At Network overloading The router may not have enough memory, or it simplyWill slow down more and more until the whole system hangs. With a built-in memory less than 1 GB, a typical wireless router just does not stand such a flow of network requests. And a quick restart frees the memory of the accumulated garbage.

Ways to reboot the router

  1. Restart using the power button
    On the back of most adsl modems andWifi-routers have a small convex power button or on / off. You just need to press it and release it - this action turns off the power of the router. After 30-40 seconds, press it again and release it to turn it on.

    You can also turn off and turn on the power supply, but the settings may be lost. And to restore them will have to spend some time.

  2. Through the web interface
    This is more correct, from the hardware point of view, the way. But he will demand a lot more times. On the other hand, when there is no physical access to the router, this is the only way to reboot it.
  3. We reboot the router via telnet
    Any adsl-modem, wifi-router or gpon ontThe terminal is, first of all, as already mentioned, a minicomputer that has its own operating system on which the necessary services are raised. One of these - Telnet. This is a special protocol that allows you to manage the device remotely via a computer from the command line.

    To connect to computers with windows xpJust press win + r and in the line "open" type the command: telnet ip-address. And press the "ok" button. In the case of windows 7 or windows 8 a bit more complicated, since there is not originally installed telnet. So as not to be played for a long time with its installation, it is enough to download a small program Putty Or her clone - Kitty.

If your router is still enough to reboot,To return to the normal state, you can automate this task by purchasing a power adapter with a timer. Just plug it into the network and expose the time in which it will every day reboot the router. For example, when everyone is asleep.

Here's how it turns out all is simple! Share information with friends, it will also be useful for them!