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Safety in the metro

You never know what can happen! How do people fall on the rails in the subway? Everything is simple: during the crowding the crowd can throw the unfortunate down. From such a terrible situation no one is insured ...

This instruction should be on each station. if Man fell on the rails in the subway, He has all chances to be saved! Only if the victim does not know what to do, and panics, it's bad.

Security in the metro

The first rule - Do not try to get out yourself!! Under the platform is a contact rail. Touching it, you can get an electric shock incompatible with life.

Man fell on the rails in the subway

Survival instruction

  1. If you do not see the train nearby, you need to get up and Run between rails In the course of its movement straight to the place where the first car stops, it is usually marked by a black and white strip. While shouting loudly that people on the platform noticed you and called the attendant.
    Man fell to the rails in the subway photo
  2. If the train is approaching, you need To lie down in the trackway, A notch between the rails, covering his head with his hands. It is necessary to lie head down to meet the train, so that he does not take off his clothes and do not injure.

    The height of this gauge is 0, 5 m. If everything is done correctly, you will remain unharmed!

    Security in the metro

What to do if a person fell down on the rails,Right before your eyes? Keep calm and immediately inform the duty officer or the dispatcher of the emergency situation through the emergency call column. You can also report this to any metro employee personally! Do not jump after or try to help him get out: remember, down there, a rail with high voltage.

You can try to give a go signal "Stop!" With a circular motion of the hand from the platform. The driver will notice it and brake, but this is an extreme measure, first you need to try to report the situation to the duty officer.

Man fell to the rails Photo

If things have fallen on the rails, you should not go after them either. The duty officer at the station will help you get everything, if you only tell him about it!

Man fell on the rails in the subway

So that the accident does not end in a lethal outcome, watch this video and show it to all your friends, please!

And remember: no panic! Only calm, thoughtful, thoughtful actions can save a life in such a dangerous situation. Share a saving advice with loved ones!