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How to rinse your ear

It is considered that the human ears are an organ self-cleaning. During chewing, sneezing and coughing earwax Is output to the outside.

But sometimes it happens that sulfur accumulates in the ear canal, turning into a cork. In such cases it is necessary to perform an ear washing procedure.

The most simple and affordable Means for washing the ears and removing ear plugs - a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It can and should be used immediately after an unpleasant sensation of congestion has appeared.

How to rinse ear with peroxide

How to rinse your ear

  1. For the procedure, it is necessary to mix distilled water in a 1: 1 ratio and 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Use a pipette to collect a small amount of solution. If there is no pipette, you can moisten a cotton swab in the liquid.
  3. Tilt your head so that your ear is parallelShoulder, and bury in it 3 drops of funds. Hold your head for about 5 minutes, you will feel a characteristic hiss. This is a sign that sulfur has reacted with peroxide.
    Hydrogen peroxide in the ear
  4. Tilt the head in the opposite direction, so that excess fluid has flowed out, then rub the auricle with a napkin. Wadding sticks should not be used during the procedure.
  5. Repeat all the actions for the second ear.

Usually hydrogen peroxide copes well with Sulfur fuses. If the first time to dissolve the cork failed, rinse the ears in this way for 3 days, and then visit the otolaryngologist for the final extraction of the already wet cork.

Health to you! Do not forget about this method to tell your friends.