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Fashionable coloring in 2017

Here comes the year 2017. In addition to the fact that a new page of life has come, New fashion trends. Fashionable women will be pleased with soft naturalness in warm shades. Will find something for themselves and lovers of unusual combinations of colors.

What will be the fashionable hair color of 2017 you are in a hurry to tell the editors "so simple!". Because the change of hairstyle - it's great Anti-stress therapy.

Fashionable painting in 2017

  1. Cherry Bomb
    Of course, the year of the fiery cock could not do withoutWithout red color. And hair this also applies! Shades of berries and wine - this year's hit. The most popular of them is cherry. But you can choose a bordeaux or a mahogany. In deep red you can dye all your hair.

    But it is even better to shade the cherry locks with chocolate hair color. If your color is closer to copper, you should replace the cherry hue with warmer: the color of Burgundy or cranberry jam.

  2. Strawberry blond
    A few years were fashionable chocolate and blackShades of hair, but this year the blondes again go back to the Olympus. The advantage of this type of staining is that the warmest shade for most colored blondes is easiest to achieve.

    You do not need to completely get rid of the yellow pigment, you can just neutralize it, correctly displaying it in a strawberry shade. Looks as tasty as it sounds!

  3. Noble gray
    This technique of coloration began to conquerThe hearts of women of fashion last year. Silvery-gray and snowy white strands will suit young girls and elegant ladies. If you have never dyed your hair and you already have gray hair, now is the time to wear it with pride and dignity.

    Only take into account that for Create a gray effect It is necessary to strongly clarify hair. If you doubt that you can tame such a color in real life, it's better not to take chances. Less chance to miss with a shade in those whose skin, eyes and natural hair color from nature in cold colors.

  4. Staining with the effect of jeans
    Fashionable began to paint out individual strands inUnusual colors, such as blue or blue. An unusual solution is also the creation of the effect of jeans, when in the already colored hair small inclusions of bright color from the roots are added. To obtain the desired color, the strands are previously discolored.
  5. Dark and red colors
    This year is very dark and close to blackColors are no longer in high esteem. Actual in 2017 will be hazelnut and cold light brown tones. Light ombre, where the dark blond smoothly turns into light, gently emphasizes facial features.

    But the bright red tones will not soon appear on the trendy pedestal. Mistresses of fiery ringlets should choose more calm tones. In a trend shades of cinnamon, copper or champagne with a reddish tint.

  6. Sunset sunset
    Among the fashionable novelties of staining there are also such,Who like lovers of extreme beauty. The main one is a gradient in the colors of the sunset. Red, pink, peach and yellow shades very beautifully "spread" through the hair, creating the effect of the setting sun.

    Of course, in an office environment, such coloring may look somewhat inappropriate, but a trip to the sea is a good reason for such experiments.

If you want to change the shade of hair or try a new technique, it is better to seek professional help. At home it is recommended to dye your hair in the same color, slightly refreshing the shade.

The fact is that the result of staining is the result of mixing Three colors: Your natural pigment, the remnants of the previous paint and pigments of a new composition.

We wish you successful experiments with the hair color! Share fashion news with friends!