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Ideas for decoupage

Every person dreams of a small miracle. But what could be better than creating it yourself? Redaction "so simple!" It will help you to feel like a magician: with the help of the simplest techniques you Change old items beyond recognition.

Many people nowadays are fond of the art of decoupage. this Decorating technique Various objects, based on gluing a pattern, pattern or ornament to the surface and coating the resulting composition with varnish for the sake of safety, durability and a special visual effect.

Ideas for decoupage

You will need

  • A product that you will remodel
  • Special napkins with a picture or clippings from newspapers, magazines
  • PVA glue
  • acrylic lacquer
  • scissors
  • brush


  1. Prepare the surface: it must be dry and clean.
  2. Carefully cut out the picture, make sure that the background has been completely deleted and only the image itself remains. Attach the picture to the surface and determine the place where you will paste.
  3. Now you need to grease the picture with glue, apply glue on the surface. Slowly, carefully pressing, paste the picture. Let the glue dry out.
  4. Cut the product with several layers of varnish. Make sure that each layer completely dries to the next coating, and the finished result looks like an absolutely smooth and even surface without protruding picture borders.

Ideas for inspiration

  1. rusty Cast-iron Looks like a work of art.
  2. Will serve as a beautiful decoration. Brings thoughts of spring ...
  3. Cans became small buckets.
  4. Very original! Floral motifs are somewhat reminiscent of France.
  5. On such hangers clothes to hang more pleasant.
  6. It all starts with a hanger.
  7. To hang out the laundry was more pleasant.
  8. This is the reincarnation of the old frying pan in the wall clock.
  9. Well, is not it lovely ...
  10. Sweet joy for the eyes of the hostesses.
  11. Very original! What you need for the kitchen.
  12. Now the old sewing machine does not roll in the attic, but decorates the living room.
  13. This bottle will precisely store your desires.
  14. I think to make a kitchen in the style of Provence ...
  15. There were different things, but now a refined set.
  16. And do not forget about the boxes ...
  17. Decoupage so decouple!
  18. The dacha would be decorated ...
  19. A wonderful element of decor, not to mention the multifunctional application.
  20. Should be every girl!

Decoupage technique - this is a very exciting activity! Once you do such a thing, you can not stop. Because there are an incredible number of different ideas: you can carry newspaper pages, notes, images of animals, plants, people to the surface.

Tell us in the comments, whether you are keen on this technique. Share amazing ideas with friends!