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Sprouted buckwheat

In the past they called buckwheat "queen of croup", which is quite justified. Because it contains so many vitamins, minerals and High-grade proteins. It can be steamed (fried) and green. Light green color is due to the fact that the croup did not pass heat treatment, and therefore, the vital components are preserved in the bud, which can not be said about the usual brown buckwheat.

"Live" buckwheat wins more and more loveAmong adherents of a healthy lifestyle, and not only. Why do not you start using this truly valuable gift of nature? In order to be useful Properties of green buckwheat Have revealed all their strength, it must be germinated before consumption.

For this it is necessary to exert a minimum of effort, but show maximum patience (the process lasts 14-48 hours). On how to do it, the editorial staff will tell "so simple!".

Germinated buckwheat

You will need

  • Glass, porcelain or enamel ware
  • Green buckwheat groats
  • Filtered or spring water
  • gauze


  1. First buckwheat should be washed several times: pour water, remove the popped crushed pieces of cereal and other debris.
  2. Place the croup in the selected container. Important: layer Buckwheat for germination Should be no more than 2 centimeters. Fill the croup with a spring, filtered or other suitable clean water so that the buckwheat is completely covered with water. Leave to soak for 2-3 hours.
  3. After this time, you must drain the water and rinse the rump again. Use a sieve or just rinse the croup in a container, in which you germinate.
  4. Rinsed buckwheat on top of it is better to cover with dampGauze, so it does not dry out, and cover the container itself so that air can pass through. Put the sprout into a dark place at room temperature.
  5. Sprouts should germinate approximately 0.3-2 centimeters,And this usually takes about two days. But even small shoots already indicate that buckwheat has revived and restored its healing properties. Therefore, after 15 hours Sprouted buckwheat Can be eaten.

Useful properties of germinated green buckwheat

  1. This product is recognized as one of the best suppliersAntioxidants, and they are known to increase immunity and inhibit the aging process. Studies have confirmed that in comparison to rice, which, by the way, is also very useful for health, in the germinated buckwheat of antioxidants is contained 76 times more.
  2. Such buckwheat is useful for Overweight And obesity: regulates the level of cholesterol in the body and contains proteins and carbohydrates, which are easily digested.
  3. Organic acids In sprouted buckwheat - oxalic, maleic, malic, linolenic, lemon - are responsible for the acid-base balance in the body and the work of the intestine.
  4. In the germinated seeds of buckwheat contains very important omega-3 fatty acids, which contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.
  5. Vitamins e and group B, which are necessary forNormal work of the nervous system, hemoglobin synthesis and metabolism is also present in this croup. Vitamin e is also needed for physical exertion and promotes wound healing.

important: Store sprouted buckwheat can be no more than 2 days. It can be eaten as it is. In addition, it can be consumed along with other sprouted grains: wheat, lentils, barley. Also this Excellent additive to salads, Porridge, soup and vegetables, buckwheat is perfectly digested with fermented milk products.

Be sure to try to grow green buckwheat. Sure, the result will certainly please you. Share information about a useful product with your friends!