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Wall decoration by own hands

Decorating the walls with your own hands - The process is creative and exciting. Especially when the methods for this are chosen to be unique and unusual. Such creativity helps to forget about everyday problems and to find joy.

And if you share these pleasant moments with children or with other family members, then it will necessarily rally you and give you warm memories.

Redaction "so simple!" I've found an excellent idea for you, how to make the interior brighter and more original with a conventional syringe and paint!

Decorating the walls with your own hands

The basis of this method is the use of an ordinary medical syringe, with the help of which the effect of a paint flowing down the wall is created.

  1. Pick up the colors you need and prepare jars of paint. And do not forget to cover the floor with a protective film and seal the skirting boards!
    Wall decor

    Decorating the walls with your own hands
  2. When everything is ready, choose the color, take the syringe into your hands - and go! Begin to squeeze out the paint so that it flows down from the ceiling.

    It is interesting that at first the line of paint is perfectly flat, but then, closer to the end, the color strips begin to weave together.

    Decorating walls with paint by own hands

    Decoration of the walls in the apartment

  3. The length of the bands can be controlled by reducing or increasing the amount of ink in the syringe. The less paint you take, the shorter the lines on the wall.
    Decoration of walls in a nursery

    Draw a wall with your own hands

Original wall decoration

it would seem, Idea is not ordinary, And looks somehow frivolous. But how fun it will be with children to decorate a children's playroom! And if you use a paint of the same color, then many adults will like this idea.